Radio Mans fave with Duran Duran


Hungry Like the Wolf

Duran Duran (/djʊˌræn djʊˈræn/) are an English rock band formed in Birmingham in 1978 by singer and bassist Stephen Duffy, keyboardist Nick Rhodes and guitarist/bassist John Taylor. With the addition of drummer Roger Taylor the following year, the band went through numerous personnel changes before May 1980, when they settled on their most famous line-up by adding guitarist Andy Taylor and lead vocalist Simon Le Bon.[nb 1]

Emerging as members of the New Romantic scene,[4] Duran Duran were innovators of the music video and a leading band in the MTV-driven Second British Invasion of the US in the 1980s.[5][6] By 1984, the band had achieved levels of fame similar to Beatlemania.[7] The band’s first major hit was “Girls on Film” (1981), from their self-titled debut album, the popularity of which was enhanced by a controversial music video. The band’s breakthrough second album was Rio (1982), a worldwide hit. The songs “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio” featured cinematic music videos directed by Australian film maker Russell Mulcahy and became two of their biggest hits. Their third album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, became their only UK number one album and featured the US and UK number one single “The Reflex“. In 1985, the band topped the US charts with the single “A View to a Kill” from the soundtrack of the James Bond film of the same name.

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