Radio Mans fave with The Beach Boys


Good Vibrations

1. The song was recorded over a period of about 6 months in 4 different studios. 2. I’m guessing this film was recorded in a day and is probably more or less lip synced and acted for the purposes of promotion. 3.Bassist Carol Kaye played on several of the “Good Vibrations” sessions, and has been identified as a prominent contributor to the track. However, analysis by Beach Boys archivist Craig Slowinski indicates that none of those recordings made the final edit as released on the single. So I hope that has cleared that UP! 4. No more DOPEY COMMENTS! I’ll delete and block ya! 5. Just enjoy what we have here.




  1. I’ve owned their Endless Summer compilation CD (which “Good Vibrations” appears on as a bonus track) for quite a few years now and it’s one of my favorite CDs in my collection. Makes great background music for summer nights.

  2. Their recording, “All Summer Long,” epitomized summers during the 1960’s. The song was in the background as the credits at the end of the film, “American Graffiti” rolled by on the screen.


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