Radio Mans fave with Bobby Fuller Four


I fought the law

The Bobby Fuller Four (sometimes stylized as Bobby Fuller 4) was a popular mid-1960s American rock & roll band started by Bobby Fuller. First formed in 1962 in Fuller’s hometown of El Paso, Texas, the group went on to produce some of its most memorable hits under the Mustang Records label in Hollywood, California. The band’s most successful songs include “Let Her Dance“, “I Fought the Law” and “Love’s Made a Fool of You“.[1]

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  1. Great song.

    I didn’t realize that “I Fought the Law” was written by one of the Crickets after Buddy Holly’s death. You can definitely hear the Holly/Crickets sound.

    And it’s interesting to me that a cautionary tale about a guy going on a robbing spree and ending up in jail has become a kind of anthem for rebels taking on the system. The narrator is no Robin Hood but we still kinda like him. Just some poor dude who had no other way to get money to keep his girl.


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