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[DS] Forced The Creation Of A New Party, Final Battle Approaches, Majority Has The Power – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’…

Dealing Death: The Culling of Canadians

FULL SPEECH: Tucker Carlson at Turning Point Action Conference – Day One

Tucker Carlson & Nikki Haley [Full Interview]

Neil Oliver: ‘The Wellbeing Of All Children Must Be Central To Our Civilization’

Dr Mark Bailey, Author, The Covid19 Fraud and War on Humanity, Northern Light Convention

Gov. General Mary Simon Living Life Of Luxury At Taxpayers Expense, by Brad Salzberg

WOW! Tucker Carlson Just Ended Mike Pence’s Entire Career Updated: FULL Interview

In Common Law Court With Dr. Daniel Nagase

You See This Is Why Poilievre and The Conservatives Are So Good For Trudeau And The Liberals! by Brian Peckford



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