The Sound Off Podcast – Radio’s Summer of Discontent


Coming off the heels of a positive vibe at Radio Days North America, the radio landscape is flooded with bad news regarding 1300 layoffs, 6 Canadian AM radio stations being closed down entirely, Canada’s Bill C-18 leading to the throttling or complete shutdown of news on Google and Facebook respectively, Bell asking the CRTC to reduce its local promise of performance and the launch of Futuri Media’s Radio GPT on Portland’s KBFF leading to some inner-industry outcry. Matt Cundill once again has some thoughts on all of it.

In this episode you will hear Matt talk about the buzz around AI Ashley, the new rules for talent to negotiate their contracts with radio stations, he deciphers how we got here, and then unpacks as much as possible with Bill C-18 and Facebook blocking news in Canada. Matt also suggests that if Canada really wanted to take a stand, they would simply tax digital advertising to foreign entities.

A Transcription of this episode is available here.

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