Radio Mans fave with Loverboy


Working for the Weekend

Loverboy is a Canadian rock band formed in 1979 in CalgaryAlberta. Loverboy’s hit singles, particularly “Turn Me Loose” and “Working for the Weekend“, have become arena rock staples and are still heard on many classic rock and classic hits radio stations across Canada and the United States.

After being rejected by many American record labels, they signed with Columbia/CBS Records Canada and began recording their first album on March 20, 1980. Loverboy’s founding members were lead singer Mike Reno (previously with Moxy as Mike Rynoski); guitarist Paul Dean (previously with Scrubbaloe Caine and Streetheart); keyboardist Doug Johnson; bassist Jim Clench (who was replaced after one gig by Scott Smith); and drummer Matt Frenette. Throughout the 1980s, Loverboy accumulated numerous hit songs in Canada and the United States, earning four multi-platinum albums and selling millions of records. Except for a brief breakup from 1988 to 1991, the band has continued to perform live shows regularly. They are currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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  1. When this song came out I was just entering my 30s, married, established in my career, and pretty much settled. So Working for the Weekend didn’t have the same effect on me as it must have had on university students or people in their early 20s starting their first serious jobs or even people my age who hadn’t entered the settled stage who were all looking forward to Friday and Saturday night at the bar or club. The chorus pretty much demands someone to dance and sing along.


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