Adam Wylde and Jax Irwin’s last show on Virgin Toronto is tomorrow!!!


Courtesy of Broadcast Dialogue

June 1, 2023

Adam Wylde and Jax Irwin

Adam Wylde and Jax Irwin have announced that their morning show on 99.9 Virgin Radio (CKFM-FM) Toronto is coming to an end, with this Friday the duo’s last day on-air. Wylde has been juggling the morning show with SPDN, the sports podcast network he runs, which produces The Steve Dangle Podcast, among other shows, which Wylde also contributes to as a co-host. Irwin is set to be married in June and plans to do some travelling. The duo confirmed producer Leah Abrahams will be part of the station’s yet-to-be announced new morning show. Read more here.


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