Potential loss of AM radio in vehicles a concern for farmers

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Many farmers rely on AM range, signal; U.S. lawmakers launch legislation

by GFM Network News


May 18, 2023

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Canadian farmers are expressing concern about the possibility of their access to AM radio disappearing.

Ford, which has been Canada’s best-selling auto brand since 2009, has stated it plans to stop putting AM radios in non-commercial vehicles by 2024.

The automaker’s decision follows those of companies such as Tesla, Mazda and Volkswagen, which have removed AM receivers from their electric vehicle (EV) lines, citing electromagnetic interference the EV drivetrain can create with the AM signal.

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  1. Another traditional situation to be trifled with. Sad. How about this? Keep your electric car infatuation, but leave the hell alone AM radio!

  2. I agree with Cephas. Speech sounds better on AM radio and the signal travels much farther, especially at night. I have been a DXer for years love the thrill of receiving a radio station signal from far away.


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