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[DS] Preparing For Chaos, Soros, It Was Always Right In Front Of Us, Durham – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’…
THE DEEP STATE LIED: Durham Report Destroys ANY INKLING of Trump-Russia Collusion – Strzok Knew NO ONE in Trump Camp Contacted Russia, Blows His Court Case Out of the Water

Buried By Media: How The Ethnic Vote Keeps Trudeau In Power, by Brad Salzberg

Old Video of E. Jean Carroll Resurfaces, Confirms She’s a Wackadoodle – Even Crazier Than We Thought

[DS] Preparing For Chaos, Soros, It Was Always Right In Front Of Us, Durham – X22 Report

Russian Disinformation? by Robert W. Malone MD, MS

FBI admits Trump-Russia probe was TOTAL hoax CREATED by Hillary Clinton

BC Cancer Patients Have To Go To US For Treatment — Government To Pay, by Brian Peckford

Died Suddenly – Police Officers who died suddenly recently, possibly due to injuries caused by COVID-19 vaccine mandates (Part 1/3 – 13 deaths in Apr-May 2023)

The King Charles 111 File – Revelations Behind The Palace Wall
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