Radio Mans fave with Vanity Fare


Hitchin’ a Ride

Vanity Fare (often misspelled Vanity Fair, due to the similarity of the novel and magazine title) are an English pop/rock group formed in 1966. They had the million-selling song, “Hitchin’ a Ride“, which became a worldwide hit in 1970.[1]

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  1. Another of those great ’60s type songs.

    In 1967 The Box Tops had a massive hit with “The Letter” about a guy who needs a ticket for an airplane cause he ain’t got time even for a fast train so he can get back to his girlfriend who can’t live without him no more.

    A couple of years later Vanity Fare has a pretty big hit about a guy heading home after receiving a phone call from his girl who also wants him back but this poor guy can’t afford a plane or a train and has to hitch a ride. Despite the pouring rain he’s still ecstatic.

    Over 50 years later you hear a song that has been buried and somewhat forgotten in some corner of your brain and you can still pull the lyrics and sing along.


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