After childhood fame — and decades of infamy — Danny Bonaduce finds success and sobriety in Seattle

Danny Bonaduce, former child actor, has been a morning radio host at KZOK-FM in Seattle since 2011. (Kevin Clark / The Seattle Times)


Seattle Times

April 11, 2023

HOW DID LOVABLE Danny Bonaduce, the cute, redheaded kid from “The Partridge Family,” go on to become the punchline of 1,000 comedians’ jokes? It’s not unusual for a child star to go off the rails in later life, but Bonaduce’s fall from grace was something different: a sort of greatest-hits package of Hollywood mishaps, with drugs, booze and rehab (and back again) earning a virtual season ticket to the pages of The National Enquirer. The memoir he wrote in 2001 was, appropriately, called “Random Acts of Badness.”

Today, Bonaduce is 63; happily married to his wife, Amy; and living in Seattle, where for the past 12 years he has co-hosted a morning talk and music show for classic-rock station KZOK-FM. Though he still has the nimble mind and fast-paced delivery style of his “Partridge Family” days, he was forced to take a brief timeout from the show in 2022, after a mysterious medical issue left him with what he describes as strokelike symptoms. “I’m getting through it,” he says.

Perhaps it’s mildly surprising that Bonaduce ever found himself in Hollywood in the first place. His mother, Betty, and father, Joe, met on the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia. Joe hovered around the show business world, but more as a writer than a performer. In fact, he held actors in some disregard. To him they were cattle, or worse, and in late 1963, he decided to pack up his wife and their four kids, including 4-year-old Danny, and move to Los Angeles purely to sell a screenplay. In later years, the only career advice he gave his family was, “Remember, acting is one step below pimping.”

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