Getting into radio at a VERY very young age, by Pat Holiday


Pat introduces Bill Hannes

Another great conversation with someone who was a part of building the Big 8 programming in its heyday.
Literally building it; CKLW’s PD Bill Hennes.
Half the conversation was him telling me stuff I had no idea about even though I was right there in the building. How’s that even possible?
I think you’ll love the inside stuff. And….how many times in life do you ever get to grill your old boss?
Ahhh…..Good Times.
As always, we’ll start with a few shorts from the conversation.
How about the true inside story of what went on with the infamous Chuck McKay live on-air meltdown and subsequent immediate firing. What happened when you got THAT distress call from the station?
And….EJ the DJ. This guy is the one who made that happen, along with the very very very little known bathroom incident.
And….the obvious start at the beginning question, ‘How’d you get into radio?” The age of this was a shocker to me.
So……like I said. Good times. Enjoy.


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