CNN’s Lemon Taken Off-Air Over Sexist Remarks: Report

Don Lemmon

by Jon Dougherty

Conservative Brief

February 20, 2023

“CNN This Morning” co-host Don Lemon wasn’t part of the network’s program on Monday after being taken off-air by upper management following sexist remarks he made during a show late last week, according to a report.

The Daily Beast noted that Lemon was ‘benched’ on Monday over remarks he made about GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley being “past her prime” at 51 years old, suggesting she could not be an effective leader due to her age. Joe Biden, incidentally, is 80 and visibly struggles with speeches at times.

According to a report from Lachlan Cartwright at The Daily Beast, CNN changed its Monday lineup and proceeded without anchor Don Lemon while “conversations about Don’s future” are reportedly ongoing.

Cartwright obtained a copy of the Monday schedule and reported that it had been changed on Sunday afternoon. He also cited “two people familiar with the matter” who claimed that Lemon’s future at CNN is uncertain.

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  1. What a misogynistic partisan hypocrite he is! Kamela Harris is 58 and Nancy Pelosi is 82. However, both are Democrats, so they are not past their prime, then. Don Lemon is the only one past his prime because he can no longer reason properly. Remove him permanently from the CNN “shelf” because he has reached his expiry date.

  2. Mr. Lemon’s problem, and it’s the issue that would most infuriate his bosses, is the remark totally alienates the very demographic they’re after…female age 25-54. That’s the sweet spot for advertisers. For him to not know and understand this is enough of a firing offense.

  3. The other thing about Lemon, is that besides his alphabet victim hustle, he plays the CRT nonsense and all the race card hustle too, even though his gay marriage is to a white man and lives in a predominately affluent, white neighbourhood. Why does he and his white marriage partner not choose to live in a predominately black neighbourhood? I mean after all in his ideals whites cause all the misery to his race so why pick and choose to live among whites? Why did he same sex marry a white man?

    Just asking out of curiosity here folks.


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