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[DS] Feeling The Pain, Narrative Shift In Full Force, Big Fail, Freedom Of Information=End – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’

Brian Peckford joins Susan Stanfield in discussion

Roxham Road Revealed – Keean Bexte

‘We basically nuked a town’: Animals dying in Ohio after train derailment and controlled release of toxic chemicals

Search Engine Sleuthing, by Bruce O’Hara

New Podcast: DARPA/Pentagon research projects to create future humans, by Jon Rappoport

List of States That Won’t Comply with CDC’s Recommendation for COVID-19 Vaccination of Kids for School

Rep. Schweikert EXPLODES: “I am just so angry at the Presidents’s speech”

Nord Stream Pipeline Chart of the Day 12Feb2023

Hollywood Producer Sentenced For Running Prostitution Ring That Supplied Well Known Wealthy Clients

RFK Jr: The Pentagon and the National Security Agency Ran the Entire Pandemic Response

School Board Chair: Dictatorship or Democracy? Action4Canada


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