Broadcaster of the Year – Former CKNW News Director Gord Macdonald


Courtesy of NW Broadcasters

January 17, 2023

Gord Macdonald


The BC Association of Broadcasters has named veteran retired CKNW AM 980 Vancouver newscaster Gord Macdonald BCAB Broadcaster of the Year and Vancouver-based Global National reporter/ anchor Neetu Garcha BCAB Broadcast Performer of the Year.  Winner’s List


  1. The news broadcasts on CKNW have noticeably deteriorated since Gord left the station. It is annoying when you hear the time tone expecting the newscast to start and then hear a series of commercials that are squeezed-in. The newscasts are scant and don’t cover the five “w’s” of journalism.

  2. Maybe someone, anyone, could just say Congratulations Gord! Well deserved!!

    Okay, I’ll do it!

    Congratulations Gord! Well deserved!

  3. Maybe someone can enlighten me. How is one determined to be Broadcaster of the Year. Is it from introducing a new or innovative technology, breaking significant stories, contribution to the community beyond broadcasting. Surely, it cannot just be for length of employment.


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