Larry Lujack’s Klunk Letters – WCFL 1974 Aircheck


I woke up to Larry Lujack on WLS back in the early 70’s. He had the morning show there until 1972. I always enjoyed his “Klunk Letters” at 7:30 AM. In 1972 he moved to the afternoon shift on WCFL. It was difficult to receive WCFL in Peoria, IL due to interference with a local station on the adjacent channel. I finally found radios that would separate the channels and began recording the 5:30 PM “Klunk Letters” on reel-to-reel. Unfortunately I didn’t keep the tapes. Years later I discovered these recordings and obtained them through a mutual aircheck collector. They were made by Tim Benko of “Windy City Airchecks” and I’m so grateful to have them from one of my favorite DJs. While Lujack is more known for his “Animal Stories” with “Little Tommy” (Tommy Edwards), his “Klunk Letters” were a real treat. There is a mention of my own hometown of Peoria on these recordings. Hope you enjoy this sample of a broadcast legend.



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