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Fake News Trapped, Will The Sleeper Awaaken, The Country Is Sick, We The People Are The Cure – X22 Report

Today’s Top Stories from

Easton Spectator

Is Trudeau Relegating Anglophones To The Bottom Of Canada’s Social Order? by Brad Salzberg

A Vote For Notley Is A Vote For Trudeau

Power Outside The Matrix: Why I want more writers in the world, by Jon Rappoport

U.S. Supreme Court Could ‘Remove’ President, VP, Hundreds in Congress for ‘Treason’: ‘Brunson v. Adams’ (Case No. 22-380) Docketed

British Olympian Tom Daley’s 31-Year-Old Diving Coach Dies Suddenly from “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”

White Canadians Excluded From Being Hired At Canadian Universities, by Brad Salzberg

B.C. Court of Appeal dismisses challenge to COVID gathering orders

NBC News Indefinitely Bars Committed Leftist Ben Collins , Who Cheered the Silencing of Conservatives, From Covering Elon Musk and Twitter

Liz & Mary – The Elite Wanted A Pedo World, They Never Expected It To Be Exposed

MAXWELL DOCS UNSEALED: Epstein Victim Claims She Has Epstein’s Blackmail Videos That Expose Wealthy Elite



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