A witch hunt against honest independent media outlets in Canada has been set in motion


Meltwater is Cambridge Analytica’s Canadian cousin, and Trudeau absolutely loves it

November 26, 2022

Bill C-18: How did you get your news today? Did you go to a mainstream news site or channel to find out what’s going on in the world? Or you decided to get your information through an alternative platform, probably accessed through your phone. For those who are here, chances are you opted for the latter option. And this is not a guess to make anymore, as data now proves that more and more Canadians are now turning away from established media platforms to other online platforms. We have earlier told you that this shift has not been well received by the ruling government, which funds these mainstream media organizations. And thus liberals are now anxious and have set in motion a witch hunt against honest independent Canadian media outlets

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  1. And to think regardless of the rules and laws violated and other degenerate things this Trudeau government has done and may do, that probably 30% or so of Canadian voters WILL STILL VOTE FOR THIS LYING, CORRUPTED, HATEFUL TO CANADA TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT! Ugh! 🙁

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