Leslie Jordan Dead at 67 (Is this a Coincidence?)


and Now…





    • Medical emergency and jab recipient.

      If you’re on Facebook, join the group “Died Suddenly News”.
      It’s an eye opener for people getting their news from the TV.

    • So to sum it up, what you and fake News are saying is that every time anybody suddenly dies, it’s because they got the ‘jab’. Nothing else. No more heart attacks, strokes, old age, or lightning strikes.

      • Nah, I’ve been posting under my old name and it’s been getting ignored.

        So I used a fake name and account and wrote a BS post to see if the guy in charge would post it. And he did

        We all know 67 year olds die, moderator. And 18 months after getting a Covid shot sure seems like a long time to be making some half-assed connection to it

        I know you run the site, so you can post and approve what you want. But it’s funny you claim mainstream media is deliberately misleading people when you’re doing the exact same thing by only posting things you agree with

        • Same. I’ve had a few comments that were never approved or posted. Mostly just questioning some of the content being shared, I guess that’s not allowed on Puget Sound Radio? I thought this was free speech space…..guess maybe it’s just a safe space for a small eco chamber?

  1. So going forward every time there is a high-profile death we will have a group screaming about how it must have been because of the vaccine? This is going to be exhausting.

  2. I got told one day that the only people who have ever died in the history of mankind had been vaccinated against something. Nobody dies ever unless they have a vaccine. So of course this website would link a celebrity death to the vaccine. Because if he didn’t get vaccinated he would never die. *shakes my head in utter disbelief*

  3. Well it’s kinda like how everybody died if covid even if there was a gu shot wound to the head.
    Bah, getting tired of this already…


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