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EDMONTON, April 7, 2021 – Global News Radio stations 770 CHQR and 630 CHED announced today new programming to air across Alberta. Shaye Ganam is set to launch the new show on April 12, live on 770 CHQR Calgary from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. MT and 630 CHED Edmonton from 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. MT.

Ganam is well-known locally as the co-host of 630 CHED Mornings with Chelsea Bird & Shaye Ganam. Before making the switch to radio, he was a former co-host of Global News Morning and Global News at Noon on Global Edmonton. An Edmonton native, he attended the University of Alberta and NAIT before beginning his career in broadcasting as an Anchor/Reporter in Saskatoon and Calgary. He returned home to Global Edmonton in 1998 where he spent the next two decades. Ganam was a key contributor to Global Edmonton’s current reputation as the most watched morning newscast in the city*.

“I’ve come to understand and believe that radio and the conversations we have every day is naturally a place for us to gather,” said Shaye Ganam. “For each one of us to talk, have our voices heard, agree, debate and find the common ground.”

“Shaye has done an amazing job connecting with listeners during his time on CHED and CHQR. A born and raised Albertan, he is a natural fit for extending this new show across the province and connecting with listeners in every town and city,” said John Vos, Regional Program Director, Corus Radio Alberta. “Shaye Ganam will be zeroed in on the things that matter to Albertans. He brings the facts, the insight, humour and understanding of topics that influence our day-to-day lives.”

630 CHED (CHED – AM) is Edmonton’s news, conversation and live sports station. 630 CHED delivers up-to-date news on current events and breaking stories that affect its community and residents, with a broadcast range reaching as far west as the Rockies and to nearly all of Alberta’s borders. The station also holds the official broadcast rights for the Edmonton Oilers and the EE Football Team. Tune in to 630 CHED at 630 AM or listen online at

770 CHQR (CHQR – AM) is Calgary’s preeminent talk radio station and has been part of the community since November 17, 1964. Aside from delivering the latest in news, the station is the official broadcast voice of the Calgary Stampeders. Tune in to 770 CHQR at 770 AM or listen online at

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  1. I just heard that Shaye Ganam is now the new mid day person on Ched and QR77. So he went from doing mornings with Chelsea to doing the mid day show province wide. I believe Chelsea is pregnant too and has about a month left before she goes on mat leave. I wonder what is going to happen to the morning show. The way the industry is going you watch, the morning show will be done out of Calgary for both stations, just a hunch

  2. I just looked at schedule for 630 CHED. They’re airing global news morning starting at 5 am for half hour I’m guessing its on til 9 am simulcasting with global

  3. There’s no way Corus would just simulcast Global Edmonton Morning News on CHED. They would have done that on Global News Radio 880 CHQT by now.

  4. Shaye mailed it in at GlobalTV for over 20 years, then some how ended up on the radio. Is there no one else available to fill these positions?

  5. I have never heard Shaye nor do I know anything about his views, however based on what I have observed over the past few years with radio, my expectations are Corus would only hire a host who will tow the beige corporate line with the continuing blurring of radio with boring leftist cherry picked presentations of events Canadian media has recently accepted as the new standards.

    I used to enjoy mornings shows and talk radio because the hosts took risks, were funny, were mad or showed the insanity of things. They had personal views which I aligned with and you either hated or loved them because of that. Now days if media presenters stick their head out of the corporate limited hole. Off with their head.

    As I type this I am listening to iHeart radio to a station which still allows their people to be individuals and express their own views and call out the politicians, the corporations, the heads of state or any other fool deserving to have some light shone on their stupendous actions. It’s not a Corus station and sadly I suspect has a limited lifespan.

    I stopped listening to Corus a couple years back and I will only likely hear Shaye if I accidentally hear him in the electronics section of Walmart. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Corus and Shaye were to prove me wrong?

  6. He’s a single-digit IQ with the politically correct views you might expect from the mainstream media, and one of the reasons CHED’s raings have been declining.

  7. No bias there, Wade; although it certainly has gone downhill since then. Would the 11-to-2 Show with the two Bills make in onto the airwaves today? That show belongs in a time capsule. Then there was Sportline with Bryan Hall; I once timed him cutting off three callers in 11 seconds. Fred Fleming always failed to hold his own against him on “Point-Counterpoint.”

  8. Shayne had no choice in my opinion, he’s a perfect choice as he’s a Corus lap dog
    and even said it on the air “ keep with the script “ or bye
    With rapid decline in ratings and Corus wanted younger blood he would of been fired if he didn’t move on
    McIntyre never had a chance

    • In the 1960’s Elementary school kids were allowed to talk to Brian on certain weekend nights.

      He was gruff yet respectful. And he never denigrated a kids parents like some other losers…

      That is why Brian who is way over 80 years old is still putting out great sports on CHQT.

      That man has a reason to get up every morning and that is why he keeps on going and going.

  9. CHED in the AM has SHAYE & Chelsea. Very little in knowledge and education. In the pm —

    Jlynne also has the same lacks as the previous two. CHED is losing listeners. With do many at home in isolation or working from home — CHED should have a larger audience.

  10. Larry–I came across that a few months ago; he was definitely far more entertaining than the others they profiled. I remember listening to his broadcast of the game in which that halftime feature was shown.

  11. Shaye Ganum is the epitome of a talk show host who will do anything for a paycheck. Gannum claims Corus is not a media arm of Justin Trudeau’s continuing control of the media in Canada. The very reputable firm called “Blacklocks” has proven Gannum’s statements of his employer not being funded by the Liberal Pary of Canada to be different from stated when Corus-Global has been shown to in extremely bad financial trouble.
    Meanwhile, Ganum loves to attack Danielle Smith politically attempting to create her as a boogeyman when talking amongst fellow talk show hosts like John Lacombe on CKNW.
    Yet he attempts to be innocent when talking to the populace who will probably be boycotting every advertiser CHED and QR have. Who would want to sell radio time with a guy like this.
    Yet this talk show host who melts down and cuts off his intellectually challenging hosts by going to commercials tells his audience that Danielle Smith does want to talk to him.

    I have just exhibited what sort of a talk show host Shaye Gannum is.
    I always considered Mister Lacombe to be better,
    Corus is in severe financial trouble from what the business media has posted.
    The ratings on CHED keep going down and down according to Numeris and management will
    Will Justin Trudeau bail out Global-Corus head office will soon act accordingly.

    • One day later Shaye had an interview with the Premier of Alberta.
      Again Shayes failures in interviewing were directed at his audience. Shayes audience is always the problem for Albertans to be fuming mad at him to the point they boycott Corus advertisers. This results in lost revenue for CHED and QR77.
      All of Shaye’s problems are blamed on his listening audience. The real problem is Shaye has the inability to converse with people before cutting them off. His Gotcha style is klling revenue for his station.
      Perhaps Shaye should become a radio time salesman. That would humble him.


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