Canadian liberal media will cease to exist once Pierre Poilievre comes to power

File Photo: Pierre Poilievre

By Manu Gupta


August 22, 2022

A Canadian politician is finally prepared to challenge the status quo in the country that served the liberal media so well. The corporate media of Canada might have gone haywire after the leader has blown up in their face. We’re talking about none other than whom some say is a shoo-in to be Canada’s next Leader- Pierre Poilievre.

One should not bat an eye if we say in Trudeau’s Canada the state-backed media has stretched its wings. Ever since coming to power, the ‘Crime Minister of Canada’ has been funding the corporate media to cover his regressive policies under a cloak. And the liberal media has excelled in doing the job.

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  1. Canadians by nature are liberal, more cooperative than exclusive. This is partly due to our social safety net unlike the hard scrabble for the citizens down south of the border. The fringe party with its fringe candidates simply does not have the mass appeal to form a majority in this country. The centre has been occupied by the Liberal Party. The right wing has tapped into the malcontent vein where its constituents are largely left behind by technology or are victims corporate greed. The right wing love the corporate world but pretend they are on the side of the malcontents. Sidling up to the Ottawa protesters this last winter was a perfect example of their two faces. The right despise the working class but will put on the dunce cap to appeal to them simply to get their votes and then stab in the back by dismantling the social safety net – starving healthcare, education and the judicial system. They really want to put the Con back in Conservatives.

  2. Im a former broadcast technician so I understand how the corporate world drives broadcast news. Everyone has an agenda though so truth is fluid. As Paul Simon said “a man hears what he wants to hear …


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