Health News: The Tragedy of Dr. Bonnie Henry – added, “Hypnosis”?


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This is the tragic story about 1 doctor – Dr. Bonnie Henry – who controls 5 million lives in BC Canada. After 2 years, we need to ask ourselves: Are endless restrictions causing more harm than good?

I’ve never liked Dr. Bonnie Henry’s daily messages because I found them irritatingly monotone and drone like. Then a friend of mine said she was using hypnosis techniques. 👇

What my friend wrote
“In the first month or so, I listened to her daily report sporadically. I was quickly aware that she was employing hypnosis techniques, and found it difficult to tune in, because I would quickly feel confused, which is a powerful method of manipulation.”
“Definitely the tone of her voice, and the “measured”, or rhythmic manner of her speech. Contradictory statements presented as true. Repetition. Suggestion. Also, while I concur with having an ASL interpreter, the very fact of the split screen fuels trance induction.”
That’s my experience. Maybe you loved it?


  1. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Straight out of the Tavistock Institute.
    BTW. May I suggest it is the Treachery of Dr. Bonnie Henry.

  2. I stopped listening to this woman way back in MAY, 2020. That monotonous murmuring chest voice drone and that accent drove me to an earlier and earlier Happy Hour…..lecturing about oat-breaks every day. I even designed a cookie recipe called Dr. Bonnie’s Oat Breaks. I call her Dr. Murmur Mumble and mute the TV anytime she comes on. I don’t understand how some people think she is calming and soothing….that’s the LAST thing she is. Thanks for listening to my TED talk.

  3. She is beyond evil! One has to ask just how much did she sell her soul for? One day may she get what she deserves and burn in Hell.


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