The Bells Are Ringing, ‘Auschwitz verses Covid’, by Byron Christopher (Updated)



by Byron Christopher

Journalist, Author

January 8, 2022


The Bells Are Ringing ‘Auschwitz verses Covid’

It was a quiet, warm night, June 1990 … and here I was, in southern Poland, on a reporting assignment for CBC Radio News.

It had been a long day and I was beat — partly because some of the interviews had been difficult. I also lugged a heavy equipment bag over Hell’s half-acre and filed half a dozen voice reports to Canada — on archaic phone lines that crashed whenever the volume was adjusted. Arggh.

I was frustrated, exhausted and emotionally drained. Even so, just could not fall asleep. I tossed and turned, unable to shut down that hard drive on my shoulders.

Read on, and you’ll understand why I was a little messed up …


And where was I, you ask? Well, I was in a clean, comfortable hostel in a sleepy town called Oswiecim. Does the name ring a bell?

Didn’t think so.

Oswiecim is home to the most notorious of the Nazi death camps where millions of men, women and children — mostly Jews — were murdered during World War Two.

Oswiecim is better known by its German name: AUSCHWITZ.

The hostel — built after the war by volunteers from Germany — was located right in the camp. Deeply ashamed of the war crimes their government had committed, a group of non-Nazis wanted visitors to the former prison [now a State Museum] to have a place to stay. They wanted them to be ‘on location,’ to see for themselves the unspeakable things that went on there.

Planet Earth has witnessed a number of genocides but Adolf Hitler’s ‘final solution’ was one of the worst — and one of the most cunning. The Holocaust, as it became known, was a massive Euthanasia program … AND a depopulation scam.

Two key words: depopulation and scam.

Millions of trusting souls bought into the lie they were in good hands and being ‘resettled,’ and so off they went to the train station with suitcases jam-packed with clothing, cutlery, dishes, jewellery … and the most precious of keepsakes: family photos.

Had these people known they were about to die, they would’ve resisted, perhaps even fought the German troops that came knocking. I mean, what did they have to lose? Unfortunately they didn’t put up a fight.

The resettlement scheme was an unbelievably huge con job by the Third Reich — and, gotta give the dictatorship credit, it worked very well.

In spite of heavy censorship, the need to not ‘step out of line,’ etc, word still managed to get out, thanks in part to ‘conspiracy theorists’ who warned a painful death was in store for those who boarded the trains.

While millions of Jewish people had supposedly been resettled somewhere, relatives and friends back home received no phone calls or post cards from them. That’s when everyone knew in their hearts that something evil was happening. They just didn’t know the details.


I was at Auschwitz to cover the 50th anniversary of the opening of the camp. I arrived with Sigmund Sobolewski who, as a 17-year-old Roman Catholic, was on the wrong side of the electrified, barbed wire fence when the prison opened on a sunny Friday morning, June 14, 1940. [nine years before I was born.]

I recorded so many interviews with Sigmund. Man! The fellow was full of Auschwitz stories, most of them God-awful.

He shared that the place didn’t seem “all that bad” when he and 800 other civilians stepped off a passenger train from Krakow. They were all [political] prisoners, yes … but they were still fed, plus they had a roof over their heads … and fresh air! Sigmund, a Polish Naval Cadet, spent many hours in the sun doing what he loved: playing soccer.

That feel-good feeling changed the day Sigmund witnessed a guard physically assaulting an argumentative Jewish prisoner, an older man. The attack ended when the guard rammed the man’s head against a large metal plate at the end of a train carriage. His skull broke open, splattering brain matter and blood everywhere.

The teen had never seen anything so savage. He quietly thought, “This is serious …”

He got that right.

[Above photo: Sigmund Sobolewski as a young prisoner at Auschwitz. Image courtesy of the Auschwitz State Museum]

Incredibly, ‘Prisoner 88’ survived the war at Auschwitz. Thanks to Russian troops, Sigmund and hundreds of prisoners — many malnourished — were liberated. It should come as no surprise that Sigmund named his first son Vladimir.

The Auschwitz survivor eventually emigrated to Canada, settling down in Fort Assiniboine, a small town northwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Prisoner 88 and I often talked on the phone, and that’s how I got to know him.

Sigmund could not stop going on about Auschwitz. It was as though he was possessed, and I guess he was.

I met his Cuban-born wife, Ramona, who shared that her husband couldn’t turn off Auschwitz. “Sigmund has papers on Auschwitz everywhere in the house,” she lamented, “and he can’t stop talking about it. It never ends.” My Doctor Phil-response was, given what Sigmund had lived though, his nightmares would never end — and he’d remain a prisoner of Auschwitz until he died.

There was be no easy ‘delete button’ to press to make it all go away. The Auschwitz demons were trapped in his head and they weren’t getting out.

In this post, I’ll share a few of my memories of the time #88 and I spent at the death camp, more than three decades ago now — and why those memories are returning today.

Buckle up. This is quite the ride.


“The old world is dying and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters.” [Hans Fallada from his 1930’s novel, Little Man, What Now?]

It would be difficult to list all the terrible things that went down at Auschwitz … but for the purpose of this article, I’ll mention a couple that stood out for me:

  • Every prisoner at Auschwitz was on Death Row. But most didn’t know it, at least not in the beginning. Soon after the citizen prisoners stepped off a cattle train at the main platform, they were herded into a room with tall concrete walls, no windows — and no ventilation. They had NO idea they were about to die. Some even proudly saluted the German guards as they marched into the gas chambers. Imagine that. That’s how good the con was. Once inside, they were ordered to take off their clothes [“You’re going to have a shower …”] … and the door was locked shut. Then came the Zyklon B [Cyclone B] gas, a deadly cyanide-based pesticide, followed by sheer panic and screaming. The people had no way out. They were trapped and they were all going to perish. They’d committed no crime, in fact had been totally compliant — and here they were, taking their last breaths with some faceless person gassing them. Sobolewski recalls the loud banging on the door. “Open the door!” they pleaded, “let us out!!” That wasn’t going to happen. The guards, too, were compliant. They were ‘following orders,’ and they had a job to do. The victims went from screaming to gasping and, finally, moaning. Then all was quiet. Another shipment had arrived at the Pearly Gates.

The Author in gas chamber #1. I was there alone; had placed my Nikon camera on the floor and set the timer. The heavily-scratched walls bore silent testimony to the final minutes of truly desperate people.

  • A young mother had arrived at Auschwitz as part of a shipment of Jews. Holding a small baby in her arms, she stood on the platform where the ‘selection’ would be made. It was the job of an SS officer — his courage often bolstered with a shot of rum — to decide who would be kept as slaves [for a short while], and who’d die right away. The officer noticed the woman crying hysterically, and so he walked up to her. “We’re not being resettled like we were told!” she blurted, “we’re all going to DIE!” … then, pointing to a tall, brick chimney off in the distance, said, “that’s where our bodies will be burned!” The gig was up. “Who told you that?” demanded the German officer. The woman refused to say.

The soldier cocked his revolver and pointed it at the baby’s head. Under duress, the woman revealed she’d been talking to one of warehouse workers [also prisoners]. The worker had strolled over to a tall fence, got talking to the mother and shared with her the ‘Big Secret.’  Staff from the warehouse were then assembled at the fence. The mother was ordered to identify the informant, and she did. Mother and child perished shortly after. But what happened to the ‘whistleblower?’ She was marched straight to the crematorium, along with her co-workers who looked on stunned as she was tied up and tossed alive into a red-hot furnace. I just can’t imagine dying that way, even seeing it. It was a terrible price to pay for not going along with the ‘official narrative.’

By and large, mainstream media in the 1930s and 1940s — we’re basically talking newspapers here — ‘played the game.’ Of course, there was no Internet back then. Social media consisted of whisper campaigns and rumours, some true, some not. Let’s just say that according to ‘unconfirmed reports,’ there was a lot of nasty shit going down in those detention centers.

Not everyone believed they were going to be resettled and that everything would be fine. That’s why they tried to escape to countries such as Britain and the United States … but even then, many were turned away. They ended up in a death camp. How certain countries turned their backs on these desperate people speaks of complicity [and considerable spite] — but that’s a story for another day.

I could go on with stories of torture, including medical atrocities on children at Auschwitz by Doctor Josef Mangele … but you get the point. The camp was the epicentre of one of the worst crimes of the century — genocide.

Sigmund, in an almost apologetic tone, [“forgive my language”] once shared during an interview that Auschwitz was the “rectum of the world.” No shit. No need to apologize, Sigmund.

Keep in mind the Nazis operated hundreds of death camps and sub-camps. Auschwitz was only the biggest.

In 1946, the United Nations declared genocide to be a crime under International Law.


There are often strange nuggets buried in news stories, no matter how gruesome the subject. Auschwitz was no different.

The guards at Auschwitz knew where to go for entertainment. And forgiveness. The notorious death camp had both a brothel and a Roman Catholic Church. I’m not sure where the priests came from, but I know where they got their prostitutes.

What a sick world this can be.

The oddest thing happened during an interview with an elderly Polish woman Sigmund and I met on the train ride from Krakow to Oswiecim. Turns out, as a teenager during the war, she had a job at a factory in one of the sub camps. Taking advantage of the ultra-cheap labour, Siemens, I.G. Farben and the Vacuum Oil Company all had factories at Auschwitz. For some reason, we never see that mentioned in TV commercials.

I asked the lady if she knew what was happening at the concentration camp. She nodded ‘yes.’ “How’s that?” I asked. “The trains,” she said, “always arrived full … but left empty. And the stench of the burning bodies was often too much for us to handle. We’d say, ‘They’re burning more Jews today.’”


Just out of the gas chambers at Auschwitz: A rare photograph taken secretly by a [Sonderkommando] prisoner in 1944.

I asked if she had taken a stand against the mass killings, knowing of course what her response would be. I was in for a surprise. She revealed she didn’t question what the Germans were up to because … [are you sitting down?] she feared she would lose her job.


Does that ring a bell?


In 1945-46, the Allied forces held war crime trials in the German city of Nuremberg. Former Nazi leaders were indicted and tried as war criminals. Some were hanged. At least one took his own life.

[An aside here, how many Allied military leaders were tried as war criminals?]

A number of Nazi leaders were put to death, but so too were journalists who thought that being a yes-man was the way to go. It was the wrong time to be an ass-kisser and a propagandist.

On a personal note, I’ve often wondered what I would have done had I been reporting then. Would it have been a case of ‘to get along, go along’ … or would I have been a real journalist? A good hypothetical question. Given the times we’re now in, I think I’m about to find out.

As bleak as situations can be, I’m grateful when reporters and editors do their jobs.


An offshoot of the war tribunal was the Nuremberg Code which, at least on paper, eliminated human experiments, medical atrocities, and the use of humans as guinea pigs. The Code also stressed the need for informed consent and properly formulated scientific experimentation.

The Nuremberg Code has ten points … with the #1 point condensed here: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential — without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress and overreaching.” Read that again.

The world can largely thank a young, ambitious German doctor for the Nuremberg Code. Josef Mengele [the ‘Doctor of Death’] experimented on children at Auschwitz.

Mengele knew better, but after he joined the SS he also knew where his bread was buttered. 

Josef doesn’t look like a mean guy, does he?

With the help of his SS buds, Doctor Mengele snuck out of Germany in 1949 [correct]. He moved to South America, first living in Argentina, then in Paraguay … and, finally, in Brazil. In February 1979, the doctor who was being hunted down by the West German government for his experimental injections had a stroke and drowned while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil.

Mengele had turned his back on the Hippocratic Oath, an historic Greek medical pledge to uphold specific ethical standards. Instead of serving the public, Doctor Mengele joined the SS and served Adolf Hitler. Perhaps he had mortgage payments, car payments and a family to support, I don’t know. But he kept his mouth shut and, in the end, he went far beyond ‘selling out.’

The fake doctor, 67 when he died, was buried in Brazil under a fake name: Wolfgang Gerhard.

The Nuremberg Code failed to arrive in time to help those in the Nazi concentration camps — but the Code is still protecting lives around the world. At least that’s the theory. Beware of countries that now to ‘revise’ the Nuremberg Code. Please. We don’t need more Josef Megeles.

Many people [Canadians included] now have a Constitution to shield them from coerced or forced experimental injections. With the exception of dictators and morons, no sane or honest politician or judge would ever say their Constitution is a worthless piece of paper.

Dong. And another bell rings.

Here’s something they didn’t teach us in school: both the American Medical Association [AMA] and British Medical Association [BMA] were concerned that releasing news of Nazi medical atrocities would undermine public confidence in medical research. Let that sink in.

It’s worth noting that senior officials with the pharmaceutical companies that set up shop in places like Auschwitz were also convicted of war crimes. These executives received the lightest sentences of all, eating prison food for just a few months.

Does Big Pharma wield much power and influence today?


What the hell were the German people and their supporters thinking? Every day, thousands of innocent people were murdered in the concentration camps … and few spoke up? What’s with that? Were the German people okay with the mass murders … were they afraid of losing their jobs? Or were they shamed by not going along?

Could it be there was some sort of mass hypnosis, brainwashing happening? I’ve often wondered about that. The Germans had bought into a Big Lie. And the more bullshit they were served, the more they bought into it. It was as though their brains had been tricked.

The clinical term is ‘mass formation psychosis.’

I am reminded of an elderly woman I came across in the mid-1990s while on another reporting assignment, this time in Austria. During World War Two, the woman had been a staunch supporter of the Nazis — and she walked the talk, manning anti-aircraft guns that helped knock down Allied bombers on their way to neighbouring Germany. When the war ended, her friends brought up the Nazi death camps. The Big Secret was no longer a secret. Her response: “I don’t believe it! The Germans would never do that …”

There you go. She didn’t want to believe it; the lady simply couldn’t handle the truth.

Does that ring a bell ???

And what were those journalists in Germany thinking in the day? Yes, there was censorship, I get that. Even so, how many reporters wrote fact-based stories critical of the Third Reich? Was every scribe a gutless stooge drawing a paycheque from taxpayers? Somehow, I don’t think it was as ‘black-and-white’ as that …

Were the German people cowards, stunned, stupid … or were they brain-washed? I can’t figure it out.

In the times I’ve been to Germany, I found people there to be honest, thoughtful, straight-forward, intelligent, hard-working — and thinking outside the box. Put another way, what I saw in the Hollywood movies sure isn’t what I experienced when I dealt with Germans, whether in Germany or any other country.

The only plausible explanation I can think of is that during the war, the German people put too much faith in their leadership — and they failed to think for themselves.

They became a nation of sheep and ass-kissers.

COVID-19 — Different Viewpoints

In my years of reporting, can’t say I’ve ever come across an issue as complex, divisive and polarizing as COVID-19. My Lord. When it comes to solid information, who and what does one believe?

There are most often two sides to a story, if not 20. Here’s an abbreviated list of opposing viewpoints in the COVID-19 controversy.

  1. COVID-19 originated with live bats at a market place in Wuhan, China. /// COVID-19 is germ warfare, a bio weapon produced by a lab in Wuhan with the assistance of scientists from other countries including the United States, Australia and Canada.
  2. COVID can be treated with the help of ventilators /// ventilators do work … somewhat — but they can also kill. Just ask the relatives of the hundreds of dead seniors in New York State alone.
  3. Ordinary masks are helpful in preventing the spread of a virus /// these masks are useless in preventing the spread of a virus. The masks are not about protection but compliance.
  4. The virus has been isolated and identified /// the virus has yet to be isolated because it’s essentially the same old virus, only more powerful.
  5. A rushed-to-market vaccine [injection] will help, even though it is experimental. /// It will only help in alleviating symptoms. In the long run, the injections will do more harm than good.
  6. second injection will surely do the trick /// a second injection will further compromise the body’s natural immune system.
  7. Booster shots will definitely help /// booster shots will make matters even worse. Some viral specialists predict that most of those who take the injections and booster shots will be dead within 4 to 5 years. 
  8. On a Ted Talk appearance a few years ago, software designer and billionaire Bill Gates warned that the population of our planet had to be reduced significantly — or else, we’re in big trouble. Gates further claimed the way to reduce the number of people would be a vaccine. Those who support Gates and the injections now say that video was a ‘hoax’ … video manipulation. /// The video was real. 
  9. Conspiracy theorists /// conspiracy realists.
  10. Governments can be trusted /// governments cannot be trusted.
  11. Pharmaceutical companies are trustworthy /// pharmaceutical companies are criminal organizations with paid fines exceeding billions of dollars. Some doctors allege that Pfizer is the most criminal pharmaceutical organization in the world.
  12. Lockdowns work /// lockdowns do not work.
  13. Vaccines work /// but not nearly as well as natural immunity.
  14. COVID Injections are safe /// They’re anything but. The injections are a roll of the dice with tens of thousands in the US alone dying shortly after an injection. That is why some doctors refer to the COVID vaccinations as ‘death shots.’  Some say 50,000 Americans have now died. Others say the figure is closer to 400,000. According to an article in Zerohedge, there have been 10,000 deaths in South Korea. 
  15. The world’s mortality rate has shot up because of COVID /// Nope. It’s the same. The pandemic is actually a ‘plandemic,’ critics say.
  16. Children need to be protected from COVID. /// Not so. They have a greater chance of being struck by lightning.
  17. Vaccine mandates are legal. /// Vaccine mandates are unlawful.
  18. Proper trials have been done. /// False.
  19. The COVID vaccine is safe, just like the H1N1 vaccine was safe. /// The H1N1 vaccine was pulled off the market in 1976 after 32 deaths.
  20. Ivermectin is a horse de-wormer, and the US Food and Drug Administration was right to limit its use to human patients on their ‘last leg.’ /// Ivermectin is more than a horse de-wormer. It has been used to successfully treat millions of humans when they first contracted the virus. The drug not only saved many lives, but saved taxpayers billions of dollars because most people who were treated with ivermectin did not have to go to the hospital.

Question: How’d you like to be a journalist or an editor trying to sift through all these issues … then reporting on them fairly and accurately? Good luck getting your story to air [or print] — and good luck keeping your job.

Better yet, how’d you like to be working for a media company that’s heavily subsidized with millions of taxpayer dollars? Think you’d be around long if you were to disseminate information that put in a bad light drug companies, pharmaceutical regulatory agencies or governments? Try using this headline in a story: Drug Companies Fined Billions of Dollars … and see what happens.


To vaccinate or not vaccinate … that’s a tough one for everyone, from clerks to doctors, especially if they’re the sole breadwinner with a mortgage, car payments and a need to travel. And eat.

It’s quite the dilemma as to who to believe, and what to believe. If one gets their news from the mainstream media, they tend to believe a particular version. But if one follows blogs that feature reputable doctors and scientists with no financial conflicts of interest, they get a totally different story.

It’s perfectly healthy to have different points of view, it’s one of the hangups of real democracies.

Where things get really screwy is when people are ‘shamed’ for having a point of view that differs from what politicians and drug companies are saying. That may have worked during the days of the Third Reich, but not today. You know, free speech and all that.

In a recent television interview, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referred to the unvaccinated as “racists.” Hang on. Isn’t this the same goof who was into painting his face black? Plus sticking a banana down his pants? Most people would agree that’s slightly racist.

The key is to get information from multiple sources — and do your own research. Be your own editor. 

More free advice: support media outlets that aren’t propped up by taxpayers. No media outlet is perfect, but — duh — it goes without saying that one can put more trust into news organizations that aren’t on the take.

For that very reason, I never accept financial advice from long-term welfare recipients. No thank you.


But won’t.

Could it be that it’s more interested in fear porn?

Mark Crispin Miller, professor of Media Studies at New York University, put it this way: “The story of Doctor [Anthony] Fauci’s rise and reign is really all about the absolute corruption of our major institutions — government, medicine, academia, and [above all] the press — by Big Pharma [and the Gates Foundation]. Talk to Professor Miller.

If the mainstream media was on the level, it would look at issues FAIRLY and HONESTY without a bias, censorship … and by not taking sides:

+ the death rate in the United States following COVID Injections continues to climb. According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS], a government agency, many thousands have now died after taking the experimental injections. That’s a story. And the official number of deaths, everyone agrees, is greatly underestimated. That’s an even bigger story.

The Center for Disease Control [CDC] acknowledges that the actual death toll is likely 4 to 5 times what VAERS is reporting. Even the CDC number is way down, say some … including whistleblowers at the CDC.

According to a Harvard study, the official VAERS count represents only one percent of the actual figure. Other studies indicate to get a more realistic number, we should multiply the official VAERS by 41.5. Take your pick.

A major study indicates that in the US alone, 150,000 deaths are connected to the injections. Could that be true?

Time for the MSM to check into this and do a series of reports. It’s also a great way to boost ratings, although expect to see some opposition from your sales staff whose clients are pharmaceutical companies.

Injections, vaccinations … what’s the correct term? It’s now technically correct to call them ‘vaccines,’ because dictionaries have recently changed the definition of a vaccine. [I’m not making that up.]

+ Here’s an idea that’s sure to drive up TV ratings: when mentioning COVID deaths, give a breakdown on the those who died because of COVID, and those who died with COVID. There’s a world of difference, of course.

Will the day come when ‘legacy’ TV networks begin newscasts with yet another death update from VAERS? Don’t think so. That would be terrible public relations for Big Pharma — and that’s why it won’t happen. As Justin Trudeau once boasted [I’m paraphrasing here], control revenue and you control news content. His government gives untold millions of [our] dollars to prop up failing media companies. Suddenly, reporters are not as quick to criticize him. Even Justin smiles when telling that story.

+ Ditto with the stats on the high number of children who are now suddenly dying from HEART ATTACKS after taking the vaccine. Keep in mind that the natural immune system of a young person has worked wonders keeping COVID at bay … 99.98 percent effective. Why the hell would anyone want to inject a child with an experimental drug that some doctors call a ‘death shot?’ Move over, Doctor Mengele, you’ve got company.

+ How legitimate are the tests that indicate someone has tested positive for COVID? There have been so many ‘false positives’ [meaning the test was BS]. You know the system needs tweaking when a goat and a papaya [a fruit] test positive to COVID. If only they had the same testing methods when checking lottery tickets, I’d be a millionaire.

+ let’s see an explanation for the mysterious near disappearance of the common seasonal flu. What happened to that?

+The MSM might want to interview Edmonton doctors Roger Hodkinson and Dennis Modry. Ask these respected physicians [remember, Hodkinson was named Edmonton’s Citizen of the Year] if what they predicted a year ago still holds water today. And please, please … no more loaded language.

If you want to belittle these doctors, don’t attack them … bring forth facts and cut out the labels and p-l-e-a-se-e … stop covering for the medical establishment. That’s not your job. And if you think it is, you’re in the wrong business.

+ Do a story on the outright censorship of reputable doctors and scientists who have spoken out against the ‘vaccines’ and the mandates, including the  lockdowns and masking. These outspoken men and woman are now in Twitter Heaven — all because they questioned political leaders and Big Pharma. They have impeccable credentials, experience and facts — and they challenge their skeptics to prove them wrong.

Their reward is to be censored without discussion or debate or any kind of recourse. Plus the threat of having their licence revoked. That’s known as an ‘economic execution.’

Hmmm … does that ring a bell?

+ Re-interview the now-famous US doctor who claimed, ten years ago or so, that masks were useless in stopping the spread of a virus. Who was this medical expert? Anthony Fauci.

+ How about interviewing lawyers who will explain why they’re representing those how want to sue managers that fire them for not taking the experimental injections. Also targeted in these lawsuits will be reporters and editors — for disseminating false information. That’s right. Journalists should keep in mind their fiduciary responsibility is to the public — not advertiser and shareholders — and governments that keep them from going under with welfare payments.

+ Do reports on why so many nurses refuse to take the jab. What do these frontline healthcare workers know that we don’t know? Let them have their say without censorship or editorial comment.

+ Interview Doctor Raymond Trozzi of Ontario who refers to the pandemic as the ‘so-called’ pandemic and throws out this tough question: “What do you do when the government tells you to kill yourself?’

+ Interview Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about his best-selling book on Doctor Anthony Fauci. His book exposes the media darling to be nothing more than a fraud who did more more to protect the pharmaceutical industry than ordinary people.

Kennedy’s book is a best-seller for a reason, which is precisely why it’s being ignored by the mainstream media. That ain’t journalism, folks, not even close. Kennedy documents how the Centre for Disease Control and Big Pharma was well aware of the benefits of the drug ivermectin in combating COVID — but it suppressed the information. Imagine that. Profits over lives, who would have thought? And the bell rings again.

+ eliminate in your stories loaded terminology such as “anti-vaxers.” That’s about as neutral as “anti-death shots.” Those who do not want to take the jab are not anti-vaccine. They’re anti-experimental drugs … drugs that could kill disfigure, injure or kill them. Please remain neutral. It will do wonders for your credibility.

+ By mid-2022, we should have a better idea how insurance companies are coping with claims … is there an increase in disability or death claims? That’s an easy story … just pick up the phone and ask. As of late 2021, the insurance industry in Illinois was reporting a significant increase in claims — by people or relatives of those who have taken the injections. Now they’re raising the rates, and that’s a red flag.. Why would Illinois be any different than any other US state or Canadian province?

+ Give uncensored airtime to credible people such as Doctor Robert W. Malone, a prominent virologist, immunologist and molecular biologist — and the man who invented the mRNA technology [which the new injections are using] … heart specialists Peter A. McCullough and Dennis Modry. Or Kiev-born Doctor Vladimir Zelenko. Know that these professionals are not ‘singing with the choir.’

And beware of ‘fact-checkers’ … they’ve got a job to do as well — not unlike those who turned on the gas at the extermination camps.

So too the mainstream media have a job to do. Beware of watching television news only to be showered with misinformation.

+ Are the COVID vaccines safe? At last count, there were 140 studies that indicate they’re not safe. There’s your lead story.


Doctors Malone and McCullough have both been banned by the MSM and maligned in Wikipedia, of all places. However, the doctors now draw huge numbers on social media outlets such as the podcast run by US commentator Joe Rogan.

Then there’s Steve Kirsh, a California hi tech millionaire who not only challenges key people in the US medical establishment to a televised, live debate — he offers them two million dollars to do so. That’s not a misprint: two million dollars! His opponents remain silent; guess they don’t need the money.

Could some medical and health care bureaucrats also be guarding a Big Secret?

Kirsh has a huge Internet following. His headline on a recent email reads like this: “Welcome to the new normal: 13-year-old dying from cardiac arrest.” The one thing all the dead kids have in common, Kirsh points out, is that they recently took a COVID vaccine. He questions why the suspect injections haven’t been pulled from the market since it sure looks like the medicine is killing and injuring a lot of young people.

Children … experimental injections … hmmm, does that ring a bell?

A recent release by Kirsh goes like this: New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse. “I missed this study,” Kirsh writes, “so did the mainstream media, for some reason. This study is yet another independent analysis that is difficult to refute: we have been mislead by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], FDA [Food & Drug Administration], and NIH [National Institute of Heath].”

What’s stopping the mainstream media from talking to Steve Kirsh? Is that story not significant enough? What exactly is incorrect about his data?

The mainstream media may not agree with what Krish, Zelenko, Malone, Rogan, McCullough, Hodkinson, Modry — and others — have to say, but that’s not the point. Journalists are supposed to present both sides of a controversy — unless, of course, they’re getting government assistance … or their CEO is onf the Board of Directors at Pfizer.

+ The mainstream media could do a piece on how pharmaceutical companies are immune from prosecution. If their vaccines are ‘safe and effective,’ why on Earth would they need immunity? What happens to these companies when their products maim or kill? Nothing happens to them. They get away Scott free.

Scrap laws that give them immunity and if they pull their products, perhaps people will find alternative and SAFER alternatives.

What other industries get free passes like that? Name one. If you and I produced a product that had design faults, leading to injuries and deaths, would we not have to face lawsuits and criminal charges? Of course we would.

The MSM is not part of the solution of misinformation. It’s clearly part of the problem.


The point of these memes is that a segment of the world’s population hasn’t bought into COVID and the vaccine/injection narratives … plus those mandates.

Be cautious of news content that is not fact-based … whether it’s on the traditional, mainstream media or social media. As always, be your own editor.

Sleaze rarely survives in a vacuum. Underhanded behaviour is always interconnected, like patchwork on a quilt. Keep in mind that Jim Smith, CEO of the Thomson Reuters Corporation [a 40 billion dollar news organization] was, at the same time, on the Board of Directors at Pfizer, the drug company providing COVID-19 ‘vaccine.’ Jim Smith. Even the name sounds fake.

It gets worse for Reuters. The once reputable news organization has an interesting sideline business: for a fee, it will ‘fact-check’ [read: censor and slant] information to help minimize potential damage to big corporations and ‘important’ people. It makes one wonder how many of these fact-checked stories we see in mainstream news are spin pieces and pure bullshit.

The Defender, a ‘Children’s Health Defence’ website, reveals that Reuters publishes its fact-checking commentary online in a format designed to resemble news stories, which show up in online searches.

While ‘sleaze’ is always a powerful descriptor, a more socially acceptable and gentle term of course would be conflict of interest.

When challenged in court, a ‘fact-checker’ with Facebook admitted they were not guided by facts, but went with their own opinion. Now there’s a shocker. Sounds like someone is ‘following orders.’ More bell ringing.

Then there’s the infamous hidden camera capture of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg warning his staff to be careful with the COVID injections. Not unlike members of the US Congress, perhaps his staff should also be exempt from the mandates.

Be super cautious of mainstream media outlets that rely on secret government handouts to stay afloat. I can’t stress this enough. Being on the take does nothing for one’s credibility.

Journalist and satirist Upton Sinclair said it best …


Or will it? I don’t know the answer, and I suspect neither does anyone.

I hope for the best for all those who have taken the vaccines … and those who haven’t. I pray it doesn’t turn into a race of which group dies first.

A vast majority of people I know have taken the injections, some a booster as well. And nearly all are alive. I hope to have an update two or three years from now .. and I hope the news is good..

Only time will tell if Bill Gates gets his wish.


I’ve been jabbed more times than Jeffrey Epstien’s girlfriends.

Still have my official Health and Welfare Canada and WHO passports with proof of various vaccinations starting from the late 1960s when I first travelled overseas.

Mind you, none of the shots I took were experimental. Extensive tests had been done … on real guinea pigs

Prior to COVID, the only people I was aware of who freely took experimental injections — with ‘informed consent’ — were FEDERAL PRISONERS. They did so to get browny points from the Parole Board, so they could be released sooner.

It was a prisoner who revealed this after I asked him, “What happened to your face?” during an interview at the Edmonton Institution in the 1980s. The man had a grotesque deformity on the right side of his face; I’d never seen anything like it. I thought perhaps he’d been injured in a fire.

The con explained it was the result of a ‘medical experiment.’ He said he was aware he was a test case. There’d been no coercion or threats — just a promise he could be released sooner. And so he agreed to participate in the experiment.

A senior correctional officer confirmed that experimental drugs were sometimes administered to inmates. He pointed out the prisoners were always informed of the risks they were taking.

Photo credits: the Author, Auschwitz State Museum and Wikipedia





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