Health News: The Tragedy of Dr. Bonnie Henry – added, “Hypnosis”?


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This is the tragic story about 1 doctor – Dr. Bonnie Henry – who controls 5 million lives in BC Canada. After 2 years, we need to ask ourselves: Are endless restrictions causing more harm than good?

I’ve never liked Dr. Bonnie Henry’s daily messages because I found them irritatingly monotone and drone like. Then a friend of mine said she was using hypnosis techniques.Β πŸ‘‡

What my friend wrote
“In the first month or so, I listened to her daily report sporadically. I was quickly aware that she was employing hypnosis techniques, and found it difficult to tune in, because I would quickly feel confused, which is a powerful method of manipulation.”
“Definitely the tone of her voice, and the “measured”, or rhythmic manner of her speech. Contradictory statements presented as true. Repetition. Suggestion. Also, while I concur with having an ASL interpreter, the very fact of the split screen fuels trance induction.”
That’s my experience. Maybe you loved it?


  1. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Straight out of the Tavistock Institute.
    BTW. May I suggest it is the Treachery of Dr. Bonnie Henry.

  2. I stopped listening to this woman way back in MAY, 2020. That monotonous murmuring chest voice drone and that accent drove me to an earlier and earlier Happy Hour…..lecturing about oat-breaks every day. I even designed a cookie recipe called Dr. Bonnie’s Oat Breaks. I call her Dr. Murmur Mumble and mute the TV anytime she comes on. I don’t understand how some people think she is calming and soothing….that’s the LAST thing she is. Thanks for listening to my TED talk.

  3. She is beyond evil! One has to ask just how much did she sell her soul for? One day may she get what she deserves and burn in Hell.

  4. Vancouver TV Guy,

    Henry if alive during the Nazi era in Germany would have easily been on Dr. Mengele’s horrible team adding her degeneracy to the whole Nazi era mess.

  5. They were monotone because she was not a trained performer or entertainer. She is the provincial health officer. She might lack charisma but who cares? I don’t need doctors to be charismatic to listen to them. I think many people confuse charisma with intelligence. I see people who have the “performer gene” make the craziest statements and see others believe it just because the person is charismatic or a good speaker.

  6. I have NEVER heard Henry even mention or recommend vitamins, Not Once, she’s all about being jabbed… Something seriously wrong here. What about she and Bill Gates went to the Philippines to gave polio jabs to thousands of children… many died, several got polio… With regards to the monotone voice, it’s her way of seducing the citizens of British Columbia

    • Pedro:

      It’s still a better source for news than the Communist Broadcasting Corporation, the rest of Canada’s sellout GQ Trudeau-praising media or the rest of the liberal media in general.

  7. A good effort, Corey, and sincere thanks for doing this. The real tragedy is forgetting the OTHER damaging effects of Bonnie Henry’s orders on millions of unsuspecting British Columbians. She has lied by omission, so let’s take a look at some of the other horrors she inflicted on us and continues to do so, such as…

    *Preventing thousands in crisis from seeking comfort from loved ones and family.
    My wife was was prevented from visiting her aging father in Ontario.
    *Excluding anyone from out of province from visiting BC Parks and decimating our tourist industry.
    *Preventing US travelers from coming to BC except to β€œpass to and from Alaska”
    *Imprisoning all RV’s on Vancouver Island for all Summer 2021 with the RV ban on BC Ferries.
    *Devastating our small business community with the loss of investment and bankruptcy.
    *No social interaction with friends (or our adult children) either at home or in a restaurant. *Christmas and Thanksgiving 2020 and 2021 alone.
    *No access to public parks to walk a dog, exercise or even breathe fresh air without a mask.
    *Threats of arrest and fines for not wearing a mask!
    *Developing severe respiratory complications from mandatory masking
    (My own COPD flared up with bronchial wheezing so bad I had to sleep in a separate room.
    *Shaming and social isolation by 99% of our friends and family for making a life-altering decision about our own health and refusing an EXPERIMENTAL procedure devoid of adequate testing or ANY verification of its contents (the shameful blank inserts!) or ANY acknowledgement of its potential for serious side effects.
    *More than 3,000 medical workers illegally suspended without pay and replaced by hastily recruited workers from foreign countries and increased par rates.
    *Plunging our entire once exalted medical system into disarray.
    *Millions jabbed WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT to an experimental medical procedure.
    Note: It is IMPOSSIBLE to give INFORMED consent to a medical procedure which has still not completed Phase 4 clinical trials, the complete contents unknown and undeclared with the short-term and/or long term-side effects STILL NOT KNOWN.
    Note: “Any person administering a medical procedure without INFORMED consent is liable to a charge of criminal assault, and if a vaccine injury results in bodily harm, injury or death, this may be indictable as criminal negligence under Section 219 of the Criminal code of Canada.”

    *Viciously labeling “ant-vaxxers” a danger to society” (although many have taken multiple jabs in their lives)
    *Government promoted harassment by medical workers to unvaxxed patients.
    *Elderly patients being administered poisonous drugs (Remdesivir) and mechanical intubation resulting in almost certain fatal outcomes.
    *No information on early treatment . Symptomatic patients sent home with no protocol.
    *Gave no information or advice on healthy protocols, vitamins or treatment
    *Denial of any alternative therapy other than vaccination.
    *Suppression of all re-purposed generic medications under threat of unlicensing physicians.
    * Suppression of any opposing medical opinion or investigation.
    * Threats to “unvaxxed” medical professionals.
    * PCR testing with a process the inventor, Carey Mullis, stated publicly should NEVER be used for human viral testing other than in laboratory experiments.
    *Exorbitant fees to get a PCR test to travel.
    *Daily mortality statistics entirely devoid of fundamental reporting principles about age stratification or pre-existing conditions, all designed to strike terror in the population.
    *Quarantine hotels where arriving travelers were incarcerated for days in shabby sub standard accommodation, subjected to abuse, inedible fast-food, limited access to fresh air and sunlight and then forced to pay outrageous fees for the privilege.

    Let’s not even talk about the psychological abuse of children and the potential damage to an entire generation.

    And the list could on and on. My own PTSD, mental anxiety and bouts of depression from authorities and the media constantly bombarding us with fear inducing propaganda, threats conflicting messages and uncertainty. The personal attacks on us because of our well researched medical choices. The insults from Government officials as being irresponsible, from the Prime Minister as a fringe minority, fascists and a waste of air!. Always the threat of another “pandemic”, another “wave” another THREAT of mandates! It gets too much sometimes! I want to wake up from this nightmare and scream “enough is enough”. I no longer compose music or have that social “joie-de-vivre” I was once known for.

    I try not to despair of our future on this planet. I try not to give up!

    So Mrs “Safe and Effective” with your 1/4 million a year salary which WE PAY. You told us “follow the science”, and we needed “two weeks to flatten the curve”..WELCOME to YEAR THREE! And seriously ? “We’re all in this together”? With all the heartless division, devoid of any research into the socio-economic implications of your majestically DECLARED, ill-considered and over-reactive “orders”, WE ARE NOT IN THIS TOGETHER and never have been! You did not allow it!

    AND NOW if all we’ve endured is not bad enough, Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix are doubling down with their terrifying BC Bill 36 already passed and awaiting enactment.
    If you are interested in stopping this or learning more about it, please contact me at:

    Thank you
    Atlas (Huxley)


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