Did he Lie? PP Claims he never belonged to the WEF


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But Pierre said he never belonged to WEF. We’ve caught him in a few lies…

Having followed the WEF website over the years, I took notice of the Canadian conservative members are also members of the World Economic Forum. Notables are Stephen Harper, who ratified Canada belonging to Agenda 21, which Brian Mulroney originally signed in 1992. Then in 2015, two weeks before Stephen Harper left office, he then solidified selling us out by signing away Canada’s Sovereignty. Both Conservative Prime Ministers. Oh yes, lets add Mulroney to this globalists list, then there’s this traitor, John Baird, who is now Pierre Poilievre’s Campaign Manager, Candace Bergen,  oh, did we say Pierre Poilievre? ***Poilievre was on the WEF website in 2021 but has since been removed. Read more here*** 

We thank our friend Tom for saving the above Tic Tok tape and then sending to us….



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