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WW3 Scare Event, If You Know Your Opponents Moves…, Red October

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Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots

Indiana Senate Votes ‘Yes’ on Near-Total Abortion Ban in Special Weekend Session

Official Government Documents indicate Authorities are using Monkeypox to cover up the fact the COVID-19 Vaccines cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Is Trudeau Pursuing A Communist-Style Canadian Land Grab? by Brad Salzberg

Dr Pierre Kory. How to help the “vaccine” injured

Dr Carrie Madej post plane crash UPDATE with Mike Adams: HOW TO HEAL from near death accident

Pre-recorded “Live with Dr. Robert O. Young and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson”

Burying the Evidence “Vaccinated” Canadians Suffer Most From Covid, by Mark Trozzi MD

MUST WATCH: Pharmacist Drops Jaw-Dropping Truth Bombs on Customer

Charles Hugh Smith – It’s Time To End The Fed & Return To A Decentralized Currency

Trudeau Joins Dictators Mao, Stalin In Attack On Food Production, by Brad Salzberg

Power Outside The Matrix: Cult of the Reality Builders, by Jon Rappoport



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