President Donald J Trump Rally ‘Live’ from Anchorage, Alaska


To View Rally Click on Image below

President Donald J. Trump Rally Live from Anchorage, Alaska

This is Presidents Trumps first ever rally in Alaska



  1. you always forget to include the word former when describing Former President Trump. Its as if you think he will magically become president again.

  2. James, not at all. All sitting presidents are called President, President Jimmy Carter, President George Bush, and President Obama. Besides, President Donald J Trump never conceded in the 2020 election, and with evidence from 2000 Mules and other information coming out of Arizona, Wisconsin and other states, the 2020 Election could very well go through desertification, and Donald J. Trump will be reinstituted as the president of the United States of America

  3. Of course the election was stolen
    Trump was clearly winning until all those ballots showed up in the middle of the night
    2000 mules explains this
    Any real reporters care to on air and state this?
    Or will you be fired for reporting the facts?
    Is there 1 reporter who wants to get the story right?
    Any of you?


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