FUREY: Trudeau Liberals ram through online censorship bill — and only the Senate can save us now

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at a news conference in the House of Commons in Ottawa May 30, 2022. PHOTO BY BLAIR GABLE /REUTERS

by Anthony Furey

Toronto Sun

June 15, 2022

It was shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning that the Trudeau Liberals hastily wrapped up the committee process on their controversial Bill C-11. Normally, such a bill would receive much more time to be debated but the federal government wanted no such thing. So just like that, while Canadians were sleeping, the government rammed through a bill that will see Canadians’ social media subject to government censorship.

Despite the over 150 amendments proposed and despite protestations from leading experts on the issue, the bill was passed through Committee to return to the House of Commons where it will almost definitely be approved by the Trudeau Liberals and Jagmeet Singh’s New Lapdog Party. (Hat tip to Lorne Gunter, who coined that most fitting term in a recent column.)

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