Voices we must ban, people we must cancel, by Jon Rappoport


by Jon Rappoport

May 26, 2022

Once we see, through the fog, what the so-called disinformation experts are trying to do to us, it’s obvious we have to strike back.

Start with this crazed woman, Nina the Hyena, who was briefly appointed the head of (the now paused) Government Disinformation Board. She’s a rabid menace. Her social media accounts must be canceled.

Next up, the notorious funder of all things fascist, George Soros. How can this man be allowed to spread his vile bilge in public? Wipe out his social media accounts as well.

I would then move on to Hollywood itself, the epicenter of elite Communist ideology, fronted for by a bunch of dimwit twits. Jane Fonda, Sean Penn, and John Cusack come to mind. Cancel them. Turn them into pariahs.

And while we’re at it, how can we permit Netflix to exist? We need to find a way to shut down that whole sordid left-loving enterprise.

You see, once we start drilling down, the targets appear with great clarity. I would claim the New York Times and the Washington Post are greater threats to America than Netflix or the major Hollywood studios, because the lies of the news are harder to spot.

The Times, the Post, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, most of FOX—they’re all disinfo pros. Cancel them. Shut them down.

Can you feel the air clearing and freshening?

We do to them what they’re trying to do to us.

The Clintons. Ban both of them from ever making public statements again. They’re pernicious frauds and killers.

We need a list. Roughly 10,000 targets. If we can shut their mouths, we can feel safe again.

Of course, Biden. Ban that demented fool. Take him off Twitter. Eliminate his public appearances. Ditto for Kamala.

Bill Gates, Fauci, the WHO/CDC. Put a lid on them and walk away. Canceled.

Ah, the sweet silence.

And just to prove how serious I am about this campaign, once we’ve made substantial progress in eliminating clear and present threats to the nation, I’ll ban myself. I’ll stop writing. I’ll retire to my farm in Virginia and tend to my horses and my minks.

I’ll sit on my veranda, gaze out at the placid hills and valleys, and contemplate how we all went wrong and misinterpreted the 1st Amendment for so long—until we finally made the necessary course correction.

It turns out our enemies on the left have served a useful function. In trying to cancel and ban us, they reminded us that free speech is not a right; it’s a territory. And the stronger forces prevail. They win ownership of the territory.

This is what the Founders failed to describe with sufficient detail.

So thank you, Nina. Thank you, Mr. Biden. Thank you. Mr. Obama. Thank you, Twitter. Thank you, bot accounts. Thank you, screaming college students. Thank you, Antifa. Thank you, major media. Thank you, CIA Mockingbird assets.

You’re true patriots.

— Jon Rappoport

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