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Another Brick in the Wall

Another Brick in the Wall” is a three-part composition on Pink Floyd‘s 1979 rock opera The Wall, written by bassist Roger Waters. “Part 2”, a protest song against corporal punishment, and rigid and abusive schooling, features a children’s choir. At the suggestion of producer Bob Ezrin, Pink Floyd added elements of disco.

“Part 2” was released as a single, Pink Floyd’s first in the UK since “Point Me at the Sky” (1968). It sold over four million copies worldwide. It was nominated for a Grammy Award and was number 384 on Rolling Stones list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time“.

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  1. Another Brick In The Wall is a required album to have in any Pink Floyd library. I recall how big it was when it came out. This said like all Pink Floyd music one must be in a appropriate state of mind to sit down to listen to the whole album as in LP form it is a double LP and requires the flipping over and changing of records during the playback which bothered me back then as it upset one’s mood. That was why I recorded it onto a cassette tape back then as you only had to flip the tape over once or if you had an auto reverse deck it did it for you.


    For me getting it on CD for me in the summer of 1984 was the benchmark version, as you got the high quality of CD playback and only had to make one disc change during the playback of the album. And if you had a CD changer you did not even have to do this. BTW I recall exactly how much I paid for the CD version of Another Brick In The Wall that summer of 1984… $49.99 Canadian bought it at the hifi section of Woodwards Dept. Store. HOLY CRAP! $50.00 in 1984 is almost $150.00 in 2022 money. But I still have the exact CD set and it’s as good as new.

    BTW in 1990 I bought Roger Waters, The Wall in Berlin LIVE concert version of A.B.I.T.W. A GREAT LIVE ALBUM and at time where the world was seeing the Wall fall down and the demise of the Soviet Communism.. TO BAD (we let) THE DAMNED PINKOS COME INTO THE WEST AND INFILTRATE OUR SOCIETY THROUGH MEDIA/NEWS/TV/MOVIES/CELEBRITY, SCHOOLS/COLLEGES AND OUR ONCE GRAND WESTERN CULTURE!!! 🙁


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