CBC LIES, Claims Trudeau Received Standing Ovation in EU


Trudeau – CBC reports a great speech, but fails to mention that most MEPs left in protest. Christine Anderson delivers amazing response to Justin Trudeau. The Counter Signal article: https://thecountersignal.com/cbc-clai…

MarkFriesen Patriot & Proud Nationalist
Can’t get the smile off my face as foreign politicians have completely destroyed #blackfacedhitler. Somehow there are those that think the Trucker Convoy didn’t accomplish much? Haha, you couldn’t be more wrong. We inspired the world and exposed our tyrant!


  1. I saw a video and it is widely available that shows after he spoke an almost standing ovation. Only a couple of people did not stand. So of course CBC lies. The bias here is insane. Considering I work for a major company that according to this website was given millions of dollars in bailout money by Trudeau, I would be in the department that would be getting said money and I am still waiting for it. So it never happened. Also before we report on anything everything is fact-checked before it’s posted. So it is evident that the bias here about the government is so clear. You don’t like the liberal government so you spread lies to make them look bad with no actual proof.
    I would love to see the proof of your work that states that media companies received big bailouts or the proof that media companies were bought by the liberal government to report only what they want us to report. Or the proof that COVID is a liberal (or government conspiracy), or that the scientists and medical professionals do not know “THE TRUTH” and only certain people with no education know as fact and not the people who have gone to school for 6 plus years and made careers studying this stuff.
    I would encourage you to read articles from National Geographic that talk about the evolution of the Virus.

  2. I would go back and take another look at whatever article it was you read…. oh, unless you simply accepted that CBC said he got a standing ovation, like this video claims.

    The ONLY story I can find about him getting a standing ovation, on CBC, is a 6 year old article when he attended a Unifor conference. Now at the EU summit a couple days ago… the Ukrainian president DID receive a standing ovation…. maybe someone is twisting the facts to sell you a story that you bought hook, line, and sinker?

    If you want to prove me wrong…. take a look for yourself. Try to find this alleged CBC article that claims Trudeau got a standing ovation at the EU Summit. I’ll wait.

  3. I wish this website would stick to reporting to the comings and goings of the local media scene like it used to, rather than the ill informed alt right propaganda that it spreads now. Good reporting is neither left nor right but balanced. Crazy headlines that any 10 year old can fact check do no-one any good.

    • What you call “ill-informed alt-right propaganda” is actually more honest and straightforward in its reporting than anything the CBC state media or the Trudeau-bribed liberal media has to say these days.

    • You would, wouldn’t you? Anyone who believes the lies, fake news and propaganda of the liberal media under GQ Trudeau (including the CBC), as well as the liberal media stateside, is being sold a bill of goods and willingly buying it.

  4. To follow up on Tom’s fact check comment. Here is a CBC article that details the criticism that Trudeau faced. There is video that shows the more than half empty hall with the standing ovation of most of the people present.

    And if you think it unusual for Canadian Prime Ministers to speak in front of empty halls it took me less than a minute to find this.

  5. Can you really call it a standing ovation when 90% of MEPs got up and left before he started speaking, because they didn’t want to hear what this wannabe dictator had to say? That’s CBC for you. No news here just taxpayer funded propaganda as always.

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