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Without A Shield The [DS] Is Left Vulnerable, Nobody Walks Away From This

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Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’

Dr. Jane Ruby interviewed by the Health Ranger

US helps build Russian war machine by Jon Rappoport

Covid-19 Vaccine is to Blame for 300% Increase in FIFA Football Deaths in 2021

Lara Logan EXPLODES, Goers Full Nuclear on “Empire of Lies” Exposing Ukraine

Bluetooth Challenge Shows Vaccinated People Emitting Codes

                     Love Is In The Air





  1. If the vaccine is responsible for a 300% increase in the death of FIFA players, could somebody tell me what the increase has been in the NHL, the CFL, the NFL, the NBA, the PGA, etc etc. So why do people believe this article instead of this one that comes to a different solution.

    Same with the bluetooth story. Why believe the one presented on this page when we have this one?

    People can believe what they want and people can do their own research which I do. It is just unfortunate that all the stories on this page only present one side. And if you want to argue that the msm is doing the same, that they are just part of the conspiracy that too is fine. But at least in the fact check articles they present the other side by saying this is what some people are saying. Here is what we have discovered. With the articles on this page that is not happening.

    To be fair though I do enjoy reading about Toto and what happened in broadcast history on March 24.

    • Joke,
      What are your thoughts on people that are triple jabbed and looking forward to the fourth?

      What are your thoughts on people that are still wearing face masks?

  2. Hi Fake News,

    You didn’t scroll far enough. I responded to you in “Last Sundays 6 o’cock (sic) News where I did mention masks after you congratulated me on “slowly waking up to msm propoganda”. To save you looking, here is what I said.

    “Fake News, I think you missed my point.

    Maybe this will help. I am still wearing a mask. Not that I am worried about covid. A friend told me that China has been using face recognition technology to monitor people. He figures the DS from the WEF led by KS and his acolyte JT are doing the same so I am playing it safe.

    Nah. Just kidding. But that is how I feel when I read some of the stuff here. Should I be paranoid of the DS and their potential to use face recognition technology? Should I wear a mask to thwart their efforts?”

    Just trying to be as woke as you are.

  3. Hi Fake News. I think you already know the answers to the questions you posed. But just to be clear. I will get a fourth shot of the vaccine if the health experts tell me it is in my best interests to do so. I get a yearly flu shot as well. No big deal. I don’t care if people are still wearing face masks. Maybe they are afraid of the deep state and are making sure they are not being monitored by face recognition technology. Who am I to judge?

    Now how about returning the favour. Do you believe that the vaccine can trigger a bluetooth response from nearby vaccinated people (as the video above seems to suggest) or has some kind of tracking device to monitor our whereabouts? Do you think that the [DS] is capable of using some kind of face recognition technology to monitor us in a similar way? And, if so do you recommend we wear a mask to prevent this intrusion into our lives?

    Help me out here. I am not as woke as some of you.

    • Only liberals are “woke” (and by “woke” – which is ungrammatical use of English by liberals, BTW – we really mean that liberals are dulled and stupefied to the truth). Your gobbledygook responses to the truth do nothing for your case either.


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