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Evidence Cannot Be Stopped, The People Will Know Soon, The Country Belongs To The People

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Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’

Why Justin Trudeau Re-Branded Canada As a Racist Society, by Brad Salzberg

The lies we’re told and the myths we’re sold, by Rick Daytona

Beyond an artificial world: Exit From The Matrix by Jon Rappoport
Copy Of Original Document Authorizing The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, submitted by Brian Peckford
Trudeau’s Immigration Policy Erodes Christianity, Elevates Islam, Sikhism, by Brad Salzberg

Matt & Joy – The Reawakening is Happening, This is the Biggest Threat to the [DS]


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  1. I believe this site was created for people either in the industry or those that are interested in or simply enjoy the industry. I don’t believe it’s a location for politics of any kind, especially of the Trump wingnut variety. If political, the commentary should be related to Government or Bureaucratic decisions having to do with broadcasting.

    • The MSM is constantly pushing political propaganda having been paid $595,000,000 plus, by the Trudeau government. The 6 O’clock News here counters some of that paid for BS.

      “Trump wingnut variety” – your political bias is showing aka Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      Is Freedom of Speech okay, as long as it’s approved by you?
      Do you work in the Trudeau paid for media?

  2. Respectfully talker, interjecting “Trump wingnut” IS interjecting politics. (I am not sure how politics and the media can be separated in this day and age.) Additionally using Trump in the article thumbnail was done by PSR which arguably IS political.

    FWIW I am sure this site is capable and has the right to moderate it’s own content.

  3. I come to this site for radioman’s faves and clockwatcher’s broadcast history. I rarely read a “news” story like this one and rarely get beyond the first couple of lines. I am perversely fascinated by the comments which dump on the msm for being biased and spreaders of misinformation when … well …

    In this thread there is a picture labeled escape from kiev beside an identical picture labeled scene from deep impact. There is no context. No comment. No explanation. We are left with the impression that media is using fake pictures to spread a false narrative about what is going on in Ukraine.

    But the truth is that there is no evidence that any media used that picture. The logo indicates that it was from an Italian station. But so far there is no evidence of that. Somebody posted the meme on facebook and twitter. And it spread.

    There is lots to criticize about the media but credibility is lost, the moral high ground is lost, if you can be criticized for similar behaviour.

    Of course I used google to check this out and of course google is part of the deep state (DS) and I am. a fool for believing anything there and you may be right except that meme was found on facebook and twitter which is also part of the DS so ….

    • Congrats!
      It sounds like you’re slowly waking up to the MSM propaganda machine.
      Or are you just trying to be funny “Jokerman”?

  4. Fake News, I think you missed my point.

    Maybe this will help. I am still wearing a mask. Not that I am worried about covid. A friend told me that China has been using face recognition technology to monitor people. He figures the DS from the WEF led by KS and his acolyte JT are doing the same so I am playing it safe.

    Nah. Just kidding. But that is how I feel when I read some of the stuff here. Should I be paranoid of the DS and their potential to use face recognition technology? Should I wear a mask to thwart their efforts?

    • Something you need to realize – face diapers don’t work and neither to the CCP flu “vaccines”. You want to continue believing the lies and propaganda (including the fake numbers) being pushed by John Horgan, Bonnie Henry and their liberal media collaborators without question for the sake of Henry’s CCP flu diktats, that’s on you, but fewer and fewer people believe them now and they’ve said so loud and clear, and it gets under your skin and you don’t like it because it happens to be true.


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