Hero Comes Home, by Keean Bexte


by Keean Bexte
March 12, 2022

Sorry to interrupt your weekend – but this news is too good not to share with you.
Tamara Lich was an everyday Medicine Hat local just a little over a month ago when she departed to Ottawa.

Today, she was welcomed home as a hero. Lich was a personal political prisoner of Trudeau, held without bail for weeks in violation of her Charter rights, all to protect the ego of the most powerful man in the country.

This 5 foot 49-year-old Métis woman brought Trudeau to his knees, sent him into hiding for a week and inspired millions of freedom activists across the globe.

Tamara was the hero we all needed – and the freedom many Canadians are currently enjoying is thanks in large part to the sacrifice Tamara made. Prison is not a nice place to be, but she was hauled away by Trudeau’s agents with her head held high.

You have got to watch our exclusive video of her return here. Medicine Hat came out in force, singing the national anthem, to embrace Tamara upon her return. A real Canadian Heritage Moment that will indeed trigger Trudeau and the CBC.

The government and its media arm want us to believe them when they call Tamara a terrorist. That is why The Counter Signal exists – to fact-check the CBC and share the truth.

There is more work to do, and we are here to help.
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte



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