CBC admits running fake news about Freedom Convoy


by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa –

True North News

March 12, 2022

The CBC has publicly retracted a news story about the trucker Freedom Convoy that erroneously claimed that support for the protests had largely come from foreigners.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the claim was made by the CBC radio program The World This Hour.

“On February 10 in a report about the protest convoy CBC Radio’s The World This Hour incorrectly said GoFundMe ended a fundraiser for the protesters over questionable donations to the group,” a statement by the public broadcaster wrote.

No further explanation was provided by the CBC on why the statement was incorrect.

CBC has parrotted the idea that extremists and foreign sources were behind the trucker protests despite evidence showing otherwise.

Reporters at the outlet based their claims on a so-called “exclusive analysis” of donations.

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  1. Everyone who doesn’t agree with the current governments of the US and Canada are now labeled as “White Nationalists”, racists, right wing nut jobs, etc.

    The largest and most dangerous groups in the US that far outnumber any group of so called White Nationalists? The Black and Hispanic street gangs the reign terror, drugs, murder, and violence on major cities throughout America. But these groups aren’t in “the progressive narrative”.

    Beware of those who accuse racism as they are usually the worst perpetrators.

    We are truly living in the Bizarro world.

  2. The slow agonizing death of a credible media is painful to watch. I’ve seen 2 articles now from the North Shore News and CTV News trying to spin the recent damning Pfizer clinical trial report into “internet misinformation”.

    Wow. The fact that a judge had to order the reports to be released (more to come every month) and that Pfizer wanted to bury these clinical studies for decades, is probably the first clue that something stinks.

    The peddling of narratives is so obvious to me, but sadly, not to the vast majority of Canadians it seems.


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