Canucks radio broadcast rights staying put at Sportsnet 650

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports


by Tyler Green

Daily Hive

February 28, 2022

Set to expire at the end of this season, Daily Hive has learned that the radio rights will remain at Sportsnet 650 for the foreseeable future.

Expect the deal to be announced soon.

Sticking with 650 wasn’t a certainty after Canucks ownership began shopping the broadcast rights in December, after the exclusive negotiating period with Rogers ended.

Corus Entertainment, which owns CKNW 980, took a “serious look” at acquiring the rights. Another option for the Canucks included broadcasting the games in-house over a streaming service, as some other NHL teams have done.

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  1. Well, the station might change from sports sooner than later, and it will still be a rogers station for sure if they do. Probably country music like in Abbotsford. 104.3 might change to the today radio format soon like 93.5 in Toronto is now, with caribbean and worldbeat nights. The today radio format is basically like ‘value village muzak’ case you’re wondering.

  2. The Canucks rights are a low level priority for the major companies. Roger’s has always maintained their focus is mobile subscribers. Monthly cash flow is what bankers want to see and the Canucks have not and will not be on that side of the ledger…the fan base is simply too small (despite the hype).


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