Opinion: Kid Carson is setting himself up to become Canada’s Joe Rogan

Radio show host turned podcaster Kid Carson

by Bob Kronbauer

Vancouver is Awesome 

February 12, 2022

Kid Carson is now Vancouver’s equivalent of Joe Rogan, and he’s positioned himself to become an internet superstar to the easily-fooled masses.

The former host of the morning show on Z95.3 in Vancouver went on a controversial on-air rant earlier this week where he discussed the dangers of “digital IDs” for children, and praised the trucker convoy in Ottawa. He hinted that he thought he might get fired for it, and not long after there was an announcement that he and the station had parted ways.

Joe Rogan and Kid Carson have a few things in common beyond their whiteness, their baldness, their tattoos, and their glaring, smarmy privilege.

They’re both excellent communicators who have seen their faces plastered on billboards, as similar versions of celebrity. One global and one local.

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  1. I’m sure that Kid Carson’s rant on Z95.3 will help his podcast, but probably not half as much as losing him will help Z95.3’s ratings – provided they replace the morning slot with the right team.

    Just don’t do what 104.9 does and have announcers that give Covid information and warnings day after day. That gets tiring and boring- save that for the news segments or talk/news stations. But being controversial in itself doesn’t make you interesting, either.

    If Kid could actually become interesting, many of CKNW’s listeners would love to have him on. Not that the station would take him, but it’s an intriguing thought.

  2. Hahaha! Okay, guys. He went on a rant, lost his job, likely timed it so his podcast got a bump. He’s not Joe Rogan. This site has become absolutely hilarious to look at

    Ed Note: We’re glad you’re enjoying PSR Roger…


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