Media Silent On Solution For Convoy Chaos: Trudeau Should Quit, by Brad Salzberg

Justin Trudeau’s meetings with World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab have born bitter fruit for Canadians

by Brad Salzberg

February 6, 2022

How often it is that Canadian media eschew obvious solutions to social problems. It doesn’t take Prof. Stephen Hawking to figure this one out:

A cure for the social chaos emanating from the Truckers Convoy is as obvious as snow on the Rocky Mountains. All that has to happen is for Justin Trudeau to quit.

Notice how not a single mainstream media organization offer this simple suggestion? There’s a darn good reason why. How many readers think it is a good idea to tell your boss to quit their job? There’s the answer. The reason for this current structure comes in a form media choose not to reveal. Why would they, when it would be a case of biting the hand that feeds them?

In 2021, a report was issued that included undisclosed information regarding the relationship between the Liberal government and Canadian media organizations. The names of the news media who took part in a $61 million dollar pre-election pay-off have been published as a .pdf document.

As reported by, publications such as Maclean’s, Postmedia, Black Press and hundreds more receive huge taxpayer dollars from the Trudeau government.

According to Marc Edge, Canadian journalism historian, “hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding for Canadian journalism compromises independence in covering government.”

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