Eric Clapton says people who get COVID-19 vaccines are victims of ‘mass hypnosis’

© Provided by National Post Clapton vowed never to perform at a venue requiring proof of vaccination

by Lynn Chaya

National Post

January 27, 2022

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and stark vaccine critic Eric Clapton claims that those who have taken the vaccine are being subjected to “mass hypnosis”.

The Real Music Observer, a rock music gossip YouTube channel also known for its anti-vaccination stance, aired Clapton’s interview last week. There, the musician said pharmaceutical companies are using “subliminal advertising” via social media platforms to dupe people into getting vaccinated.

Clapton discussed his collaboration with Van Morrison, another vaccine skeptic, and their single “Stand and Deliver” — a song comparing COVID-19 lockdowns to slavery.

“I didn’t get the memo, whatever the memo was, it hadn’t reached me,” Clapton said. “Then I started to realize there was really a memo. [Belgian psychologist] Mattias Desmet talked about it — the theory of mass formation hypnosis. I could see it then. Once I kind of started to look for it, I saw it everywhere.”

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  1. Not sure I agree with Eric’s mass hypnosis statement however I think there has been a mass campaign by Social Media platforms and Governments around the world to silence opposing opinions that didn’t follow their position. Doctors and scientists that opposed any dissension have been ostracized and fired. In the 2020’s no questioning is allowed once rubber stamped by the Government and the CDC.

    Questioning and debating “science” has always been the norm prior to covid. Think of the hundreds of drugs once “approved” by “science” and the FDA now pulled from the shelf that underwent years of testing and approval only to be subjects of mass lawsuits involving the death they surround. The same can be said about the chemical industry and “science” as well.

    Science should always be questioned (and welcomed).


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