Trudeau’s Internet Censorship Top Priority When Parliament Returns, by Brad Salzberg

Justin Trudeau

After controlling our bodies with Covid comes controlling our minds through internet censorship.

by Brad Salzberg


January 19, 2022

With Parliament returning in two weeks, the debate on internet censorship is set to proceed. A re-vamped online harm bill is expected to include terrorist content, hate speech and content that would incite violence.

Any political observer worth their salt understands the relentless nature of Justin Trudeau’s woke liberal agenda. Simply put– it never stops. As a result of Covid, an attack on personal freedom has permeated society. Our physical selves are restricted from myriad activities. If one looks deep enough, parallels with social structure in authoritarian states can be seen.

So much for step one. Next up is to apply restrictions to the internet. Of course, it’s for “our own good”— as is every piece of Liberal government restriction forced upon society.

The Liberals now have living, breathing Canadians under their control. It does not yet apply to the internet, and this must change. After controlling our bodies comes the control of our minds. All the woke rhetoric in the world doesn’t alter the fact that a move to censor the internet is a ruse to control the thinking of our citizenship.

Just as it is in China. Away from media rationalization, Trudeau and his quasi-communists are aiming for an emulation of China’s Great Internet Firewall.

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  1. I think the west is out of luck. Just because covidism is ending in a few places doesn’t mean it will end everywhere. These leaders are simply taking advantage of populations that are highly deceived and don’t mind.

    • Yeah, but what about those of us who won’t be deceived and do mind? There are also likely more of us that I spoke of than is being let on or that the liberal media will care to admit – Rebel News has been covering anti-lockdown/anti-“vaccine” diktat protests across Canada and the attendees at those protests are now numbering in the thousands.


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