KOMO AM/FM News to change call letters to KNWN

Courtesy of Gord Lansdell of NW Broadcasters
KOMO AM 1000/ FM 97.7 Seattle will change its call letters to KNWN. However, as of today at 2 p.m., the station is still identifying with its current calls. The call letter change is due to the change of ownership to Lotus Communications. The KOMO calls stay with KOMO-TV.
Our friend Sparky Taft, veteran radio man and Super Salesman throughout the United States shares the following words on his facebook page

Sparky Taft

The new owners really wanted to keep the KOMO call letters. The problem was Sinclair, not Lotus. I know because I had lunch with the new owner!!!!

Sparky Taft

LOTUS is a privately owned radio group, not a big corporate conglomerate. The President is Jim Kalmenson. I had a fun lunch with Jim a few weeks ago. I believe Jim, with Gary Greenberg’s local leadership, will take KOMO (regardless of their call letters!!!) to greater levels of SUCCESS and make the Lotus Seattle radio group a FUN place to work!!!


  1. A dumb move to change the call letters. “KOMO, AM 1000, Seattle” has been the identification for the station for years. To me it seems the same as identifying KFC as “finger-licken good.”

  2. KNWN is okay, but KOMO runbs of the tounge perfectly.

    When KIRO seperated years back, the KIRO (AM) and KIRO-TV didn’t seem to be an issuer, or with KING-FM and KING-TV.

    Oh well. I am just a former radio station owner and what the heck to I know!


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