Politics: BREAKING: Aaron Gunn announces alternative to BC Liberal Party, by Keean Bexte


by Keean Bexte
November 6, 2021
BREAKING: Conservative commentator and former BC Liberal Party leadership candidate Aaron Gunn has announced that he is cancelling his membership with the BC Liberals immediately to start his own alternative Party.





  1. Is this a good thing?

    In the federal election six weeks ago, in BC, the Conservatives received 33% of the vote, the NDP 29% of the vote and the Liberals 27% of the vote. Greens and PPC received about 5% each.

    In the last BC election (2020) the NDP got 47% of the vote to the BC Liberals 33% and the Greens 15%. The election before that (2017) the NDP and Liberals both received 40% of the vote with the Greens at 17%. I believe the 2017 election is more representative of how BCers vote provincially.

    So Aaron Gunn decides to form a new party. His base if he has one is going to be at most the 33% of federal Conservatives + the 5% who voted PPC, That is his ceiling. His floor is likely just the 5% who voted PPC. The reality is somewhere in between and my guess at least for 2024 is maybe 10% all siphoned from the BC Liberals, giving the NDP another majority.

    Is that what Gunn supporters want?

  2. Joke,
    What have the BC Liberals done that has benefited BC?
    Are they standing up for the people of BC as our freedoms continue to be taken away?

  3. I am not looking at this as a partisan. And I am not opposed to people forming new parties if the current ones don’t share their values. I am just curious by this story and what its consequences may be.

    The federal Liberals were always a centrist party but after its defeat by Harper in 2011, they shifted to the left to regain votes lost to the NDP. So far it is working for them. (And note how hard O’Toole tried to sound more centrist. He knew he was losing the Max Bernier supporters but had he tried to appeal to them, he would have lost some of his centrist supporters to the Liberals. No win situation for him.)

    The BC Liberals were originally liberal under Gordon Wilson but after the collapse of Social Credit, it became much more conservative as former Socreds joined the party. The coalition of liberals and conservatives worked for 16 years.

    Now BC Liberals are in some disarray and are figuring out where to go from here. Do they want to shift further right to placate the Max Bernier/Aaron Gunn faction of the party or do they revert to a more centrist party that can siphon off NDP voters.

    By denying Aaron Gunn, they seem to have decided that a more centrist approach will be more successful.

    And anyway, will Aaron Gunn be able to form a party. He is talking a good game right now, but Max Bernier has had two elections to buck the system with nothing much to show for it.
    The Conservative party of BC hasn’t been very successful the few times it has ran a slate of candidates. Where will Gunn get his support? If the over/under for Gunn’s new party was 6%, I would go with the under. I am not even sure if I would bet on him actually running a slate of candidates in 2024.

    I guess time will tell.

  4. Joke,
    The entire political system in BC seems to be corrupt and is now turning on the people.
    None of these parties are standing up for the people.
    How do we make politics work for the people of BC, instead of just the corrupt. psychopathic, sociopathic politicians?


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