Canadian Media Silent As Landmark Ruling Cracks Down On Transgender Surgery, by Brad Salzberg


Our controlling institutions have done nothing but advance transgenderism within society.

by Brad Salzberg

November 1, 2021

“Children under sixteen will need court approval in England and Wales to access puberty-blockers after a landmark ruling amid a global debate about the age at which a child can choose to transition gender.”

Really? A global debate? Have not heard hide nor hare of this development within Canadian society. What is it about transgenderism that results in ubiquitous protection by way of our controlling institutions?

Try a simple experiment: in your Google browser, do a search on keywords “Transgender CBC.” Cultural Action Party gave up after eight straight pages– 62 articles-– on the topic of transgenderism.

The accepted percentage of Canadians who have transitioned is less than one percent of our population. Why on earth are media so dedicated to promoting this post-modern phenomenon? There has to be a reason, no?

Equally as disturbing is the fact that among the endless cycle of articles, narry a warning in regard to sex-change surgery can be found.

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