Bongino Will Be Off The Radio Again This Week

Dan Bongino

November 1, 2021

Several affiliates have told Radio Ink that Dan Bongino’s syndicated show will be best-of again this week. One PD said Westwood One informed him that Bongino “chose” to take this week off. The conservative talker was not live last week either as he battles with Cumulus over their COVID-19 mandate.

One station owner told us having Bongino in best-of shows is not less than optimal. “There are things that need to be talked about right now. Week old news is past its freshness date. Trying to sound current by discussing things two weeks old is worse than trying to stay up-to-date by reading a newspaper.”

Bongino has said he has no plans to let this go. He said Cumulus is going to have to make a decision about his show, if they want to continue the partnership. Cumulus and Westwood One have not commented publicly on the situation.

Bongino has more leverage than most. The former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent is also a best-selling author, is a host on FOX News, with his own program on Saturday nights, and before partnering with Cumulus, was a successful podcaster. He said it’s unfortunate that people that are not heard on over 300 stations have been summarily shown the door or been put in an untenable position because they want to make a medical decision by themselves.

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