Trudeau Shortchanges BC Again … to Give Ontario and Quebec EXTRA Cabinet Seats/Power, by Harvey Oberfeld

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a new Cabinet … and there’s something about it the media are NOT telling you:

by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping it Real…

October 27, 2021

Once again, British Columbians have paid the price for failing to play the federal game of politics the way Quebeckers and Ontarians do.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knows exactly how the game is played … and has now rewarded the two large Eastern provinces with EXTRA Cabinet seats and EXTRA powers and larger say over how/where federal spending will go.

Ontario elected 78 Liberals … 64% of their MPs …. in the Sept. 20, 2021 Federal Election. Trudeau returned the favour Tuesday … giving Ontario a whopping SIXTEEN Cabinet Seats … 41% of the entire Cabinet.

Trudeau’s Thank You to Ontario!

And then, there’s La Belle Province …

Quebec elected 34 Liberals … 43.7% of their MPs … and have now been bestowed ELEVEN Cabinet posts … 29% of the Cabinet’s strength.

Merci, Quebec!

That’s TWENTY-SEVEN Cabinet seats (of the total 38) … handed out to politicians from just two provinces!!

Or to put in another way, two provinces with 61% of the country’s population were given 71% of the country’s Cabinet posts!

How is that in any way a FAIR division of power in a country made up of 10 provinces and three territories?

And if you don’t think Cabinet power matters when it comes to doling out federal Billions, influencing national policies and decisions, awarding contracts, building regional headquarters and establishing agency offices, etc. etc. … you’re too naïve to discuss, let alone debate, politics!


BC lost out … AGAIN … after electing only 15 Liberals in September, along with 13 Tories, 13 NDP MPs and 1 Green. .. almost exactly like last time.

British Columbians apparently voted based on principles, ideology, party loyalties, maybe even platforms and policies. And now we are going to pay for it.

Trudeau shortchanged BC like last time: only FOUR Cabinet positions awarded to Canada’s third most populous province … with 14% of the country’s total population … but just 10.5% of the country’s Cabinet posts.

Take that BC!

It’s basic maths: the power pie can only be sliced in so many pieces: and when Ontario and Quebec get MORE than their fair share … based on population or total MPs elected … other provinces must have their fair portion trimmed.

And British Columbians make it so easy … with a compliant, complacent population and a weak, spineless BC media … most of whom don’t even REPORT how, let alone raise a peep when BC is shortchanged.

And Trudeau isn’t even asked about it.

Just imagine what we’d be hearing right now if Ontario or Quebec were denied THEIR fair share of power and positions!

Harv Oberfeld







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