Sad loss of Dennis O’Neill


Our friend Brian Antonson, former associate Dean of BCIT informed us this morning of the unexpected death of Dennis O’Neill

Dennis O’Neill

This one hurts personally:  longtime friend and BCIT Broadcast and Media Communications faculty member Dennis O’Neill passed away at his home on Friday September 24th at the age of 63.

Den had quite a career in radio and made a mark in Vancouver radio before joining BCIT two decades ago.  He was hugely respected and loved by two decades of students.

Family will announce a celebration of Den’s life in the near future.  A sad loss for a lot of us.



  1. Am very sorry to hear about the unexpected death of Dennis.

    Not to offend anyone, but I find far too many of my friends dying lately, and it appears to be the ones who have taken the Jabs! Is this just a coincident, or what?

    Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends

  2. Dennis would have laughed at the fact he attracted a vax sociopath to his media mention. I helped him get his BC vax passport.
    Loved you Den. RIP, Ryden.


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