The future of the PPC and Bernier’s vision for Canada

Maxime Bernier

by  Harrison Faulkner

True North

September 22, 2021

Before the results came in on Election Day, True North reporter Harrison Faulkner sat down with the leader of the People’s Party of Canada Maxime Bernier to discuss some of the issues that the legacy media has failed to address during the election.

Bernier discusses the future of his party, the adoption of alternative media as a new way to reach out to his base, national unity, the Canadian Armed Forces and Bernier’s vision for  Canada.

Last night, the PPC managed to triple their vote share from the 2019 election. However, they failed to gain any seats in Parliament. Going into the night, Bernier outlined that a victory for his party would be to obtain 6% of the national vote, but the current numbers indicate that the PPC fell just short with 5% of the vote.

Read More and Watch Video Interview HERE


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