Maxime Bernier, leader of the Peoples Party of Canada was in Calgary on Saturday for the Freedom Rally (Video)


Dear Reader, Because MSM fail to give any coverage to Maxime Bernier and the Peoples Part of Canada, Puget Sound Radio is proud in being able to show you what happened in Calgary on Saturday. Look at that crowd… Bernier is drawing many crowds such as this as he did the Mad Max Tour across Canada…  Look at that crowd.



  1. I heard a Jagmeet Singh NDP radio commercial Sunday and it was so typically full of bull crap.

    1: He went on some bull crap of how the wealthy in Canada over the last 18 months made an additional $78billion. First of all Jughead what or whom wealthy? Do you mean corporations? Of course they will make profit and even if it was an extra $78B it came from Canadians buying their products and services freely. Obviously Canadians wanted to support those businesses by buying their stuff.

    As to corporate taxes,this has been a tiring leftist argument for decades. Corporations do not pay income taxes. These income taxes are seen as costs of doing business. They will be passed on in one or any combination of these ways.

    (a). Higher costs of products or services to the end consumers.
    (b). Lesser benefits and wages or wage increases to employees.
    (c). If publicly traded, lower dividend payments to investors.

    Corporate taxes are only anchors to growth of said businesses and are passed on to the inevitable end consumers. The first nation that adopts a 0% corporate income tax will likely see a massive increase of foreign businesses coming to said nation as well as a explosion of economic growth from new and already set up domestic businesses. The growth in money will flow down to the labour force and to investors of these businesses. Government tax revenues from all other growth orientated statistics will shoot up.

    Jagmeet ended his radio commercial by saying the NDP will fight racism and injustice in Canada. TO WHICH I SAID BACK TOTHE RADIO, “FUCK YOU!” I and am sure millions of other Canadians who are just lawful and civil everyday Canadians are sick and tired of idiot politicians playing the racism and injustice cards. Yes, some people all over the globe are racist and practise injustice. Canada and most any western world nations are the least racist and bigoted nations on Earth. To say otherwise is a damned lie.

    Canada is so racist and bigoted that people from all sorts of races, ethnicities, nationalities etc. FREELY choose to come here and some do so illegally. RACIST MY ASS! And it’s time that everyday Canadians of all stripes put asshole politicians like Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau and their hateful anti-Canadian, anti-American, anti-western culture parties in the ground!

  2. If Trudeau had any moral value he wouldn’t have spent huge taxpayers money for his election at this time. This guy is swamp scum for the waste. It’s all his fault. These kind of immoral politicians should be held accountable some how. New laws, legislation, rules or just a push back from citizens. Politicians get away with too much bad things, and it’s wrong and it needs too change. These kind of assholes have completely pushed aside what their role is and who they work. They game the system for themselves based on a large portion of complacent society.


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