ELECTION NEWS: Reduce Immigration, Cancel Multicultural Funding Say Party Running in Canadian Election, by Brad Saltzberg

Bernier responds to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh during the Federal Leaders Debate in Gatineau, Quebec, on Oc.t 7. SEAN KILPATRICK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

No wonder the People’s Party of Canada are not being included in the 2021 Federal Election debates.


by Brad Saltzberg

September 4, 2021

No wonder the People’s Party of Canada are not being included in the 2021 Federal Election debates. According to their platform, the PPC “would eliminate all multiculturalism funding, as well as substantially lower the total number of immigrants and refugees Canada accepts each year.” 

Within contemporary society, there is a word to encapsulate such a policy: sacrilege. To understand the radical nature of this proposition, let us review the true nature of multiculturalism within our society.

Never has their been a policy so impactful that is so devoid of democratic principles. It also a nation-changing ideology in which media analysis has been  absent.

Multiculturalism in Canada is sacrosanct. It is our “holy of holies.” As found in religious dogma, ours is not to question why. As a result, Canadians remain largely unaware of its historical circumstance:

No one ever voted for a multicultural Canada. Our citizenship didn’t authorize founder Pierre Trudeau to cancel English and French-Canadian bicultural identity. He went ahead and did it on his own.

Moving into the pragmatic, the Multiculturalism Act of 1988 set up a scenario by which billions of tax-payer dollars would flow through to immigration and multicultural organizations over the decades.

The result being another development eschewed by media: the political empowerment of “new arrival” communities. Obscured by media, most Canadians fail to view this social dynamic on an historical level.

For one thing, there is no “ceiling” involved. Multiculturalism includes no tangible demarcation to indicate an achievement of its purpose: to establish equality among all citizens. Therefore, its political power can accumulate forever– as in past the point of the social balance which speaks to its legitimacy.

Things become more ominous when considering a secondary development. Multiculturalism, or systemic “diversity,” is not the sole possession of immigration and multicultural organizations.

In 2021, diversity is a political weapon utilized by government to accumulate power. No government has done so as successfully as Justin Trudeau’s Liberals circa 2015-2021.

Trudeau has transformed multiculturalism in a unique manner. Rather than its use as a platform of political solidarity, our PM has taken it one step beyond through a demonization of “the rest of us.”

Six years of running down our country as racist. Two terms of branding Anglophone-Canadians bigots, xenophobes and homophobes. Consider its impact on a nation’s collective self-esteem. Let us conclude that none of has been beneficial.

Why has Trudeau behaved in this fashion? Because in his megalomania, he wants so much more than to be a vanilla-flavoured national leader. His goal has been the fundamental transformation of Canada to a “post-modern” society.

Gather up all immigration-multicultural-diversity forces into a united political entity. Create an “outsider” community from the rest of us. And the ultimate goal– transition the Liberals to Canada’s permanent ruling party.

Just one obstacle exists– the agenda may backfire. Its scheming nature being too nefarious to succeed in the long term. Covid, Afghanistan— these unexpected “left hooks” may well scuttle the Liberal-Globalist agenda.

CAP give the People’s Party of Canada credit for their boldness. It takes guts to carve a brazen path through the monolith that is Canadian political correctness.

Of course, many will disagree, and such is their right. For one thing, no one is claiming there is something inherently awful within new arrival communities. What Cultural Action Party object to is our Liberal government’s scheming ways to control Canadian society through immigration and multiculturalism.

Add to this media complacency, and the result is the great hood-winking of the Canadian people. Its schematic nature serving as the foundation of Liberal government political manipulation since day one.

An insult and a disgrace it is.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est.2016)




  1. Trudeau and his people are scum. Backstabbers and traitors to Canada’s future. They have lots of hugs though for dangerous foreign governments and dictatorships, but fake hugs for Canadians. Who in God’s name would vote for a POS like him after putting us so far into debt and for so many past wrong doings to Canadians. That deflecting wimp has said that Canada has no real dentity or core values.


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