The Legacy media covers for Justin Trudeau (again) by Candace Malcolm


by Candace Malcolm

True North

August 11, 2021

Canada’s borders are finally open but they are a chaotic mess because of a “work-to-rule” decision by the Canadian Border Services Agency, but you wouldn’t know this if you got your news only from the legacy media.

Thousands of people have been affected, being forced to wait hours on end. But instead of doing the ground work and reporting the facts about the situation, the legacy media is covering for Justin Trudeau and repeating government talking points.

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  1. I love the term: ‘legacy media.’ Good stuff. Keep up the good work.

    I’d still like to know which media outlet receives handouts/payoffs from the Liberal government … and how much they’re getting. Strange that the media outlets don’t reveal the numbers.

    Goes to show they’re ashamed. And should be.


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